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Ways to Receive Money from the USA to Nigeria

  Back then, receiving money from an international country was a big deal because of the stress that came with it. However, technology has made everything more accessible, including receiving money from anywhere in the world. Though most have enjoyed this service, a few people have yet to hear the good news. So, in this article, we'll discuss the several ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria. Different Methods to Receive Money from the USA to Nigeria Western Union The first method on our list is by using Western Union. Western Union is one of the safest and fastest ways to send and receive money from the USA to any part of the world. You can use their website or mobile app if you need to make a transaction. However, you'll need to open an account with them. You can deposit cash into your new account by visiting a local branch as a sender. Then, you can proceed to the website to find the nearest agent. On the website, you can select the location and the amount. The las

What is the best place to buy Bitcoin & crypto in Nigeria?

 Where do I buy Bitcoin in Nigeria? Buying crypto and bitcoin in Nigeria used to be a straightforward and smooth process before the crypto ban in 2020. It has become tricky and expensive to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin at their official rates. So in other to bypass the bank crypto ban, you have to buy bitcoin through the back door of parallel crypto rates on trusted and secure crypto exchanges. in this post, I will analyze and rank the top 3 crypto exchanges to buy bitcoin on the basis of how secure they are, how long they have been in existence, ease of purchase, and customer service. What is the best Bitcoin and crypto exchange in Nigeria? 3. was founded in June 2016 with over 12 million users worldwide, over 300 cryptocurrencies are available in the exchange and they operate in over 90 countries with Nigeria being of them. charge a transaction fee of 0.4% which gradually drops when you upgrade your trading to a higher level. is a sa

How to make money on binance in nigeria without investment

 How to earn money on Binance in Nigeria without investment Since crypto adoption in Nigeria, the Binance exchange has been the most popular, affordable, and reliable crypto exchange where guys make money and trade crypto assets online in Nigeria. It is safe to say that Binance has empowered more Nigerian youths financially and tech-wise than any other fintech innovation in the last 10 years. since the crypto ban in 2020, a few setbacks have happened to avid crypto entrepreneurs and investors in Nigeria due to the limitation of crypto transactions by the Nigerian government. However, the youths still come up with creative ways and loopholes to make passive income by doing crypto business online. Therefore, this post will be covering detailed information on how to make money on Binance without investment in Nigeria. first, you have to register and verify a Binance account. How to register and verify a Nigerian Binance account go to the official Binance website (I recommend using my

What is eNaira and how does it work? | CBN digital naira

What is eNaira? eNaira is a CBDC (central bank digital currency) developed by the central bank of Nigeria as a digital version of the physical naira fiat currency, simple as that. Unlike the physical naira, eNaira will be used electronically across bank apps and other accredited payment systems in Nigeria. The idea of eNaira was initiated subsequent to the Endsars protest in 2020 when a lot of sponsored contributed to the protest using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and usdt. These transactions were made over the blockchain network which made them untraceable over the internet, after this, a ban was placed on all crypto transactions across the nation, and the idea of creating digital naira came into place. eNaira will function under a layered anti-money laundering and know your customer (KYC) framework with a limit to your daily transaction just like it was with the commercial banks. Users that have fulfilled their KYC and AML verifications will have daily transaction limi

How to buy any crypto currency

whether you know which cryptocurrency you want to buy or you're still debating, it's highly recommended to do extensive research before investing your money. sometimes a certain coin gets a lot of hype but once you research it a bit you find out it's not a very wise investment   How do I purchase Cryptocurrency? so you want to buy your first cryptocurrency but don't know where to start well you've come to the right place. Welcome to therealpay blog, we're going to show how to buy any cryptocurrency in this two minute tutorial. Buying any cryptocurrency usually involves three steps Researching before buying Getting a compatible wallet And buying the actual coins What is the best crypto currency to invest in? Aside from googling information about the coin, is a good place to start the site lists all available cryptocurrencies and supplies detailed information about each one of them aside from their price next, it's time to get a wallet for yo

What is Nano coin ? - Cryptocurrency

  what is nano? To answer that question we must first understand bitcoin. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital money on an open decentralized network group cryptography. Only the owner of each Bitcoin can unlock and send it to someone else and all transactions are recorded in sequence on the blockchain who add transactions everyone races to crack a secret code with computing power this process is called Bitcoin mining . The majority agrees to mine on the longest chain and since they are collectively faster it will be the accepted chain of transaction. unfortunately, mining takes ten minutes each time and uses a lot of energy. Miners also demand high fees to add your transactions to the blockchain because your transactions are competing with everyone else's transaction.   Instead of one blockchain nano uses a block-lattice where everyone gets their own blockchain this means that transactions do not have to compete to fit into the same blockchain also there is no mining   instead, everyon

Accumulate Bitcoin From Trusted Cloud Mining website

Nicehash Cloud Service Offers Reliable Bitcoin Mining Like Never Before     Nicehash Bitcoin Cloud Mining  facilitates an easy and affordable way of mining your Bitcoin without having to invest exorbitant amounts into mining hardware. brgfx About NICEHASH Service     NICEHASH is an endorsed and trusted name in the cryptocurrency industry. The company is also backed by leading Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain Technology Ltd., with decades of knowledge and experience in operating data centers efficiently.   NICEHASH mining Service offers low-cost, crypto mining contracts which only require a small maintenance fee. This affordable mining solution will allow more people to get involved in the crypto mining market. Bitcoin mining has never been easier, as with NICEHASH services you can start mining it right now. The investment is minimum, and the fees and risks are also low. How Does the Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract Works?   The two years co