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Profitable Businesses in Nigeria with Low Capital

As a Nigerian, difficulties are getting an office job, even if you've got a degree. The reason is that there is a high rate of unemployment in the country. However, Nigerians have overcome this challenge by earning cash through other means. We have compiled proven profitable businesses in Nigeria with little capital. Read on, as you will discover new and untapped businesses with little money but significant gain. Profitable Businesses in Nigeria with Little Capital Sometimes, we want to start a business, but we have a small amount of money. So, we begin to feel discouraged to start something. That should not be the case, as there are many businesses one can venture into in Nigeria. However, some businesses are more profitable than the rest. We have listed the businesses into two categories. Enjoy! Profitable Businesses to Start with 200k 1. Drink and Water Business Water is an unavoidable necessity of life. That is why the drink and water business is arguably the most profitable b