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what is nano? To answer that question we must first understand bitcoin. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital money on an open decentralized network group cryptography. Only the owner of each Bitcoin can unlock and send it to someone else and all transactions are recorded in sequence on the blockchain who add transactions

everyone races to crack a secret code with computing power this process is called Bitcoin mining. The majority agrees to mine on the longest chain and since they are collectively faster it will be the accepted chain of transaction. unfortunately, mining takes ten minutes each time and uses a lot of energy. Miners also demand high fees to add your transactions to the blockchain because your transactions are competing with everyone else's transaction.

Instead of one blockchain nano uses a block-lattice where everyone gets their own blockchain this means that transactions do not have to compete to fit into the same blockchain also there is no mining

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instead, everyone votes for each transaction if anyone tries to spin the same nano twice the majority will not allow the second transaction thus nano transactions are faster

unlike Bitcoin nano is instant it uses very little energy which is eco-friendly so there are no transaction fees. if you believe in Bitcoin you really should try nano. Nano is true digital money for the modern world which is why some crypto enthusiasts assume that nano is what bitcoin was meant to be.

FUN FACT: nano is the fastest and feeless crypto transaction in the world with a limited total supply of just 133,248,290. stacking some nano now will be a smart investment decision against when the demand will increase and value will surge.

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