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Importance of Skill Acquisition to Students in African Schools

African schools are now recognizing the importance of skill acquisition for their students. Many countries in the region have adopted policies to encourage students to learn critical skills that will increase their employability once they graduate from school. With an ever-growing population, African schools must equip their students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful in the global market. As technology advances, markets become more competitive, and businesses grow, the demand for educated employees is outpacing the supply. Unfortunately, students in African schools have struggled to keep up with these advancements and are falling behind other parts of the world. With limited resources available, how can these students ensure they become competitive and successful members of society? A key component to success is developing particular skill sets. By acquiring problem-solving, critical thinking, and information literacy skills, African students can stay ahead o

What Business Can I Start With 5k in Nigeria?

  Starting a new business is exciting; the possibilities are endless. However, not everyone in the country has the financial capability to start one. This inability alone can discourage someone with the best of dreams; as they say, 'we can only use the money to make money.' Do you have a business idea but have little capital - as little as just 5K? Don't worry! You can always start small, and I know you might wonder, 'What Business Can I Start With 5K in Nigeria?' Nigeria's population is over 200 million, making it the sixth largest African country. So, there are enough people to market your business to, no matter how small you start. You can do businesses ranging from selling pure water, ice cream, recharge card selling, and many more. This article will take you down the lane of several businesses to start with 5K in Nigeria. I'm sure you would have decided on one business before reading through. So, follow along!   Drinks and Pure Water Selling You don&#

How can I get legitimate freelance jobs in Nigeria?

Compared to job searchers seeking more conventional roles, you may have to call up an entirely new strategy if you’ve opted to locate freelance work. Freelance employment may be ideal for those who appreciate having total control over their professional lives or who desire a lot of variety in their workdays. Here are easy ways you can get legitimate freelance jobs in Nigeria. Networking Utilize your network of former coworkers and business connections. Consider your network as a base from which you may construct future opportunities as you develop your freelancing profession. Don’t set limits regarding identifying your network and who is a part of it; connections for future freelancing projects might range from real-life and virtual relatives, neighbors, and friends to former professional coworkers. An effective networking strategy is establishing relationships with people in your target industry. Finding and joining trade and industry organizations where you can connect with like-mind

How do people make money on TikTok in Nigeria?

Similar to how people use YouTube and Instagram, TikTok is utilized by users to make money and establish careers as influencers. But how do you get started? To learn how to be compensated on TikTok in Nigeria, such as increasing video views and earning money from sponsored posts, read our comprehensive guide. With over 1 billion active users,  TikTok is the sixth most popular social media site globally. It’s a large market. Some individuals view TikTok as a full-time job because so many others have already worked out how to make money there. The top methods for generating income from the app are listed below. The more followers you have, as with any social media network, the more money you can make. On TikTok, though, you don’t need millions of followers to be successful. A “micro-influencer” is someone who has between 50,000 and 150,000 followers, while “nano influencers” are those who have less than 50,000. You must have at least 100,000 views on your videos in the previous 30 day