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What is the best place to buy Bitcoin & crypto in Nigeria?


 Where do I buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

What is the best place to buy Bitcoin & crypto in Nigeria?

Buying crypto and bitcoin in Nigeria used to be a straightforward and smooth process before the crypto ban in 2020. It has become tricky and expensive to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin at their official rates. So in other to bypass the bank crypto ban, you have to buy bitcoin through the back door of parallel crypto rates on trusted and secure crypto exchanges.

in this post, I will analyze and rank the top 3 crypto exchanges to buy bitcoin on the basis of how secure they are, how long they have been in existence, ease of purchase, and customer service.

What is the best Bitcoin and crypto exchange in Nigeria?

3. crypto.com

crypto.com was founded in June 2016 with over 12 million users worldwide, over 300 cryptocurrencies are available in the exchange and they operate in over 90 countries with Nigeria being of them. crypto.com charge a transaction fee of 0.4% which gradually drops when you upgrade your trading to a higher level. Crypto.com is a safe exchange to buy and trade bitcoin in Nigeria because they have been around for a long time and has no history of server crash or hacking.

How to buy bitcoin on crypto.com in Nigeria

crypto.com currently does not offer peer-to-peer trading at least to Nigerian users, so the best and only way to buy bitcoin on the crypto.com app is with your debit card which can be selective sometimes and may not work with your bank especially if it is a visa card. But sometimes MasterCard from union bank, Stanbic IBTC, and Access bank work with crypto.com.

2. Kucoin exchange

Kucoin is my favorite of the three reliable exchanges because they have more crypto assets and offer the best price for bitcoin and altcoins in the market. in most cases, cryptos get listed on kucoin prior to listing on the other two exchanges which gives you a great opportunity to buy cheaper before they are listed elsewhere at a higher price.


Kucoin was created in 2017 and they have the best asset security in the market with two-factor authentication. They have over 650 crypto assets to choose from and different trading pairs of your choice.

How to buy bitcoin on Kucoin in Nigeria

As a Nigerian, the best way to buy crypto on kucoin is via the P2P platform which is accessible on the kucoin mobile app. once you get to the p2p page, just select the crypto you want to buy, input the amount and payment method in the filter menu and then you will be given a list of available sellers for the amount of bitcoin or crypto that you want to buy.

when you are done with the payment just click the transferred option or contact the seller via the message or call option to verify your payment and after a few minutes, the purchased crypto should be disbursed to your main account in your kucoin wallet.

1. Binance crypto exchange

founded in 2017, the binance exchange has proven to be the most preferred by crypto traders since the 2017 crypto bubble and as of this moment, binance is the most used exchange with over 25 million users worldwide and operates in over 180 countries.


Binance is one of the few exchanges that started crypto peer-to-peer transactions with super-intelligent escrow service for both parties thereby reducing any chances of fraud on the platform.

How to buy bitcoin on Binance Nigeria

For Naija traders, we rely heavily on binance p2p for crypto trades whether you are buying or selling. trading on binance p2p is the same as that of kucoin p2p just with a different app interface.

on the binance homepage, just select p2p and proceed with the steps as the process is quite intuitive and easy to do. however, make sure that you select bank transfer and avoid putting any crypto-related words in your bank narration to the seller. if you are the seller, make sure you receive the money in your bank before releasing crypto to the buyer, and if you are the buyer makes sure you select sellers with good reviews.

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