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Domain flipping guide: how to flip domain names fast

since the popularization of the world wide web to the the general public in 1991, commercialization of domain names has been one of the smart ways people make passive income. over 3 decades after the inception of the internet, smart investors are still making a good amount of money doing domain flipping, some have even turned domain business as one of their major ways of making a lively hood because they are exceptionally good at this business GraphiqaStock844 How to start a domain name flipping business For those who are new to the concept of domain flipping. Domain as a concept can be explained as a web address or link that websites and business owners use to establish their platforms online via the internet. in other words, a domain is the website name you put into your browser's address bar in order to access a website, for example "Therealpay. com" is the domain name for this blog that you are currently reading,,,, Stanford.