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Best passive income ideas to make extra money online

How to make extra money on the side from home Let me ask you one simple question do you think your current primary source of income is enough to cover your bills and pay all your monthly expenses? you see unfortunately for the majority of people their main source of income which comes from a nine to five job just isn't enough to cover all living expenses let alone buy that car of your dreams or go on that expensive holiday you've always wanted to go to.   So, in this post, I’m going to show you some interestingly legit ways you can start to make extra money online as a side hustle to supplement your current income. These methods can start to make you anything from thirty to 200 hundred dollars a day and a lot more.   The best part about these methods is it's free to get started and can be done from around the world so make sure you read this entire post and all five methods to see which one best suits you.   Here's how you can  make money online  today by just watching

How to transfer money internationally to another bank for free

If you’re like me and receive payments in multiple currencies, you’re probably tired of getting a bad deal on the exchange rate. I was letting PayPal convert automatically for me and getting charged heavily as a result. There’s also a 3.5% currency conversion charge on top, so you end up losing out a serious amount of money, just for accepting payments. The same is true of other providers and bank accounts. I was getting charged 2.99% on top of a terrible rate by my bank account. This is why I want to share some tips and tricks that I’ve found over the years to get the best rates, it'll hopefully help you if you’re in the same position. Transferring money to foreign bank account It doesn’t matter what currency you convert to or receive in, this will work for you. By far, the best service that I’ve used is Transferwise , which ended up saving me about $40 for each $1000 that I received, see the real-time currency conversion rate here . So you can input the currency that you want, a

How to make money on YouTube without Adsense or subscribers

 How to get paid on YouTube Game channels are one of the holy grails pf making money on YouTube and even though you may not be a gamer yourself there's still a lot of money to be made easily with this method so be sure to stick with me first of all, it's a huge niche and one that's fairly easy to target new keywords in because there are constantly new games as well as new patches coming out for each game, they can make targeted videos about. Plus, with the method I’m about to show you first of all you don't even have to record your clips and secondly, you don't even have to be monetized on YouTube to be able to make money but if you are a gaming enthusiast yourself that could even be better because you're sort of killing two birds with one stone with your hobby by having fun as well as creating content at the same time. For example, we have this one here that posts highlights of a competitive league of legends matches which are easy for them to get views because

How to buy any crypto currency

whether you know which cryptocurrency you want to buy or you're still debating, it's highly recommended to do extensive research before investing your money. sometimes a certain coin gets a lot of hype but once you research it a bit you find out it's not a very wise investment   How do I purchase Cryptocurrency? so you want to buy your first cryptocurrency but don't know where to start well you've come to the right place. Welcome to therealpay blog, we're going to show how to buy any cryptocurrency in this two minute tutorial. Buying any cryptocurrency usually involves three steps Researching before buying Getting a compatible wallet And buying the actual coins What is the best crypto currency to invest in? Aside from googling information about the coin, is a good place to start the site lists all available cryptocurrencies and supplies detailed information about each one of them aside from their price next, it's time to get a wallet for yo

What is Nano coin ? - Cryptocurrency

  what is nano? To answer that question we must first understand bitcoin. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital money on an open decentralized network group cryptography. Only the owner of each Bitcoin can unlock and send it to someone else and all transactions are recorded in sequence on the blockchain who add transactions everyone races to crack a secret code with computing power this process is called Bitcoin mining . The majority agrees to mine on the longest chain and since they are collectively faster it will be the accepted chain of transaction. unfortunately, mining takes ten minutes each time and uses a lot of energy. Miners also demand high fees to add your transactions to the blockchain because your transactions are competing with everyone else's transaction.   Instead of one blockchain nano uses a block-lattice where everyone gets their own blockchain this means that transactions do not have to compete to fit into the same blockchain also there is no mining   instead, everyon

how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

 how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners There are hundreds of ways to make money online , in this blog today I’m going to teach you how to post affiliate links and make hundreds of dollars just like I do every single day absolutely for free and the best part about this strategy is that you don't need to have a website to get started with this method and you don't need to create any videos, show your face on camera or do anything like that and as I mentioned it's free and worldwide.  Anybody can do this, what I am going to give you on this post is I’m going to show you exactly where you need to go I’ll show you how you can set this up then I’m going to give you all the free tools that you need to make this nice and easy for you   So today guys I want to show you how to make money online by posting affiliate links absolutely for free and without a website but first I want to show you something I want to use a tool called google trends . This is a tool tha

mutual funds and Index funds investment - what you need to know

Warren Buffet once stated in an interview on CNBC that the average investor will get a better return on their investment by investing in an index fund versus using a professional fund manager. This is primarily because, after transaction costs and fees, actively managed funds simply can't match the performance of the average index fund. 95% of funds with winning 3-year records failed to beat the S&P 500 Index the following 3 years - Ryan Poirier, S&P Dow Jones Senior Analyst The average compensation of a portfolio manager is right around $300,000 while portfolio managers at top-performing hedge funds can earn close to eight figures according to a recent study. Managers at actively managed funds have staff that research and select stocks of companies they believe will outperform the market in the weeks and months ahead. The buying and selling of investments cost the fund money in the form of commissions and transaction fees, something that an index fund avoids by buying and