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How to make money on binance in nigeria without investment


 How to earn money on Binance in Nigeria without investment

How to make money on binance in nigeria without investment

Since crypto adoption in Nigeria, the Binance exchange has been the most popular, affordable, and reliable crypto exchange where guys make money and trade crypto assets online in Nigeria. It is safe to say that Binance has empowered more Nigerian youths financially and tech-wise than any other fintech innovation in the last 10 years.

since the crypto ban in 2020, a few setbacks have happened to avid crypto entrepreneurs and investors in Nigeria due to the limitation of crypto transactions by the Nigerian government. However, the youths still come up with creative ways and loopholes to make passive income by doing crypto business online. Therefore, this post will be covering detailed information on how to make money on Binance without investment in Nigeria. first, you have to register and verify a Binance account.

How to register and verify a Nigerian Binance account

go to the official Binance website (I recommend using my referral link to get a signup bonus here), and make sure to use a solid password and a username you would remember. after signing up you will be sent a mail verification to prove ownership.
next, you have to go to your app store and download the official Binance app, log in with your credentials, and then you will be taken to your homepage. at the homepage click on the profile icon at the top left corner to expand the menu. at the top right of the menu, you will see the option to "verify" your account, click that and follow the prompts to fill in your personal information, and government-issued ID and complete the facial recognition step.

NOTE: Although they accept NIN slips, but it might delay the verification process and in some cases be rejected due to the dirt and squeezed-out details, so I recommend using your national voter's card instead, driver's license, or international passport.

how to generate a Binance referral link

Upon completion of the above steps, go back to your Binance app homepage and then click the top left profile icon again and scroll down in the menu and select " MY REFERRAL ID". You will be taken to a web page where you need to select between lite referral and standard referral, make sure you select the standard referral option. 
How to earn money on Binance in Nigeria without investment

under the standard referral, you will see your default referral ID which you can copy somewhere and start sharing to earn a crypto commission, or just click the drop-down arrow beside the default referral to generate a new referral link and customize the commission ratio. you can either set the ratio to be 50/50 where you and your referrals earn an equal bonus or 100/0 where you earn all 20% of all the crypto transactions done by your referrals.

where to share the Binance referral link to get traffic

As a Nigerian crypto hustler, the best place to share your binance link is not on nairaland or Twitter but on Facebook groups relating to business, finance, crypto, and money-making tips. but be careful not to over-spam the Facebook group with too many links to avoid getting banned by the Facebook team.

how to make people use your binance link for commission

in order to get people's time and attention, you need to give them value for their audience how do you do that? The first thing is for you yourself to go on youtube and learn how to use binance to buy, invest and sell crypto. learn how to identify and invest in good crypto projects and then create a WhatsApp group about crypto trading and invite people on Facebook to join your crypto training for free.

before you start the training, drop your referral link and tell them to create an account using your link first, then sort the ones that have used your link and then teach them what you have just learned for free. in exchange, you will have them under you as a referral for life and whatever coin that they buy or trade on binance, you get a 20% commission on their transactions
How to earn money on Binance in Nigeria without investment

how to check binance referral earnings

go back to your referral link page, select standard referral, and the amount of money that you have made including the number of friends you have referred will be displayed on the dashboard. however, you still need to go to your binance spot wallet to redeem your referral money which is always in crypto depending on the type your referrals trade on the platform.

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