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Ways to Receive Money from the USA to Nigeria

  Back then, receiving money from an international country was a big deal because of the stress that came with it. However, technology has made everything more accessible, including receiving money from anywhere in the world. Though most have enjoyed this service, a few people have yet to hear the good news. So, in this article, we'll discuss the several ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria. Different Methods to Receive Money from the USA to Nigeria Western Union The first method on our list is by using Western Union. Western Union is one of the safest and fastest ways to send and receive money from the USA to any part of the world. You can use their website or mobile app if you need to make a transaction. However, you'll need to open an account with them. You can deposit cash into your new account by visiting a local branch as a sender. Then, you can proceed to the website to find the nearest agent. On the website, you can select the location and the amount. The las

What is eNaira and how does it work? | CBN digital naira

What is eNaira? eNaira is a CBDC (central bank digital currency) developed by the central bank of Nigeria as a digital version of the physical naira fiat currency, simple as that. Unlike the physical naira, eNaira will be used electronically across bank apps and other accredited payment systems in Nigeria. The idea of eNaira was initiated subsequent to the Endsars protest in 2020 when a lot of sponsored contributed to the protest using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and usdt. These transactions were made over the blockchain network which made them untraceable over the internet, after this, a ban was placed on all crypto transactions across the nation, and the idea of creating digital naira came into place. eNaira will function under a layered anti-money laundering and know your customer (KYC) framework with a limit to your daily transaction just like it was with the commercial banks. Users that have fulfilled their KYC and AML verifications will have daily transaction limi

What is abeg app used for | everything you need to know about abeg app

  Abeg app review What is abeg app all about? Like most people, you probably came across abeg app on the BBnaija season 6 show or saw the advert and hype on Twitter and Instagram. While the mobile app name may sound funny or weird, the technology and features that are contained in the abeg app are mind-blowing and worthy of the hype that surrounds the brand name. What is abeg app? Abeg is like the Nigerian version of the google pay app but with some more interesting social features like the option to create or join giveaways. So basically, Abeg app is a peer-to-peer payment software that makes sending and receiving of money super faster than your regular bank apps and pay utility bills like mobile top-up, electricity, dstv or gotv bills. The app creators boast of high-speed transactions that outperforms what other regular payment apps  offer in Nigeria What is abeg app used for ? The app is designed to make your everyday transactions smooth and instant, you don’t need to ask f

How to transfer money internationally to another bank for free

If you’re like me and receive payments in multiple currencies, you’re probably tired of getting a bad deal on the exchange rate. I was letting PayPal convert automatically for me and getting charged heavily as a result. There’s also a 3.5% currency conversion charge on top, so you end up losing out a serious amount of money, just for accepting payments. The same is true of other providers and bank accounts. I was getting charged 2.99% on top of a terrible rate by my bank account. This is why I want to share some tips and tricks that I’ve found over the years to get the best rates, it'll hopefully help you if you’re in the same position. Transferring money to foreign bank account It doesn’t matter what currency you convert to or receive in, this will work for you. By far, the best service that I’ve used is Transferwise , which ended up saving me about $40 for each $1000 that I received, see the real-time currency conversion rate here . So you can input the currency that you want, a

Beginners Guide to Profitable Stock Market Investment

Stock   market   investment  is one of the best ways to get rich, and surely one of the fastest ways to get wrecked if not done properly. So follow these  tips  made by  a   successful  investor "Faizan". If you want to start investing in the stock market, it is essential to have a good understanding of stocks and shares, regular investment, as well as financial risk avoidance can help you save a significant amount of money over some time. Here are some tips that can help beginners save money for the future.   Define your goals  Setting long-term goals can be very beneficial when you invest in stocks and shares. Whether you want to save for your retirement, for your child's education, to buy a property or for any other reason, setting long-term goals will help you better understand the importance of saving.  In case you want to invest for a short period and make profits ASAP, you should consider a different investment plan because the volatility o