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How to make money on YouTube without Adsense or subscribers

 How to get paid on YouTube

Game channels are one of the holy grails pf making money on YouTube and even though you may not be a gamer yourself there's still a lot of money to be made easily with this method so be sure to stick with me

make money on youtube video

first of all, it's a huge niche and one that's fairly easy to target new keywords in because there are constantly new games as well as new patches coming out for each game, they can make targeted videos about. Plus, with the method I’m about to show you first of all you don't even have to record your clips and secondly, you don't even have to be monetized on YouTube to be able to make money but if you are a gaming enthusiast yourself that could even be better because you're sort of killing two birds with one stone with your hobby by having fun as well as creating content at the same time.

How to get paid on YouTube

For example, we have this one here that posts highlights of a competitive league of legends matches which are easy for them to get views because they can make videos about and target the most recent happenings that people will be searching on YouTube.

And for just one more example coming back to this channel called daily clip central it just compiles clips from various popular video game streamers such as ninja and doing this are usually fine as in the streamers won't mind as long as they properly attribute these clips to the respective streamers in the video descriptions

How to earn money from YouTube

 How much do youtubers make ?

while a lot of these channels are indeed monetized and are earning a ton of ad revenue however nowadays if all you do is re-post clips without any deliberate editing or voice voice overs it's going to be a lot tougher to get a new channel monetized in fact if we look at YouTube's current monetization policies it does state that reused content cannot be monetized unless something significant is added to it and while you could do a lot of editing and stuff to make your clips interesting and add value to it or even hire people to do it for you or perhaps record your gaming footage.

But now I’m going to show you another powerful way to make money on YouTube in the gaming niche without recording your footage or even being monetized and without further ado, the main method I want to introduce to make money with is with CPA marketing which is you making money when people simply opt into something without them having to purchase anything

 How to earn money from YouTube

The website in question here is called max bounty which includes lots of different types of CPA affiliate offers that one can promote including ones that are related to the gaming niche in particular the free Xbox with game pass giveaway as well as for the PS5 as well and how you're going to promote these offers is within your gaming compilation videos.

you're going to have some kind of call to action to tell people about these giveaways and since this is in the gaming niche there are a lot more or your audience is a lot more likely to be interested in this kind of giveaway right and since you're not only going to be compiling videos from the most popular games but also the trends within those games such as most recent events as well as patches. By the way, you may have to do a little bit of research on that, you're going to be getting a lot of free traffic and thus eyeballs on these affiliate offers

Now the first step you want to take to create these types of videos is to head over to which is the premier video game streaming website next you want to find a popular streamer on twitch such as ninja. Go to the video section of their profile then look for highlight-worthy video clips to download next once you've found some satisfactory video clips after opening them up in new tabs, you'll want to simply just copy up each of their URLs and then head to a website called to simply just paste in the URL and hit submit and right below that you'll be able to then download that respective clip.

Sometimes you can find already shortened highlight clips prepared by a streamer but in the case that the clips you're downloading are longer you can just adjust the slider to specify which parts you would like to download

 For example, the clip above is probably hours long so you don't want to download the entire thing because it's not going to fit within a YouTube video anyway right so just look for certain high points within each clip and just download each one and once you have downloaded all of your video clips you'll want to compile them into a YouTube video and for this lots of free video editing software will work such as vsdc and windows movie maker or if you're on a mac device or Apple device you can use iMovie as well and in addition to just lining up all the clips.

Another thing you want to do as a call to action to your affiliate offers to make you that money is to include some kind of banner on your videos which you can just overlay using any simple video by looking for templates on and just change the text to your desired design

And then very importantly at the bottom, you want to also state that the links will be in the description to let people know that they can join or enter the competition.

 How to drive traffic to your YouTube channel

A good tip I have for you to get free traffic onto your page is to go and subscribe to and ring the notification bell for channels that are within your niche and in this case that should be gaming channels that cover roughly the same games that you do and the reason that you want to do this is as soon as these preferably large channel uploads and preferably as soon as they upload you want to go and comment something good.

By the way, you don't want to just comment on something generic and random because that may be annoying to those creators whom I think you're just promoting straight up your channel. So, you want to make a comment that is related to the video and preferably helpful to those who are watching the video

How can I get YouTube famous fast?

The reason you want to do this as fast as possible is that this not only gives you the highest chance of being seen by more people as they initially flood into that video to watch it but it also gives you a better chance of being noticed by the creator itself as well as other people to make it a top comment and if you eventually get enough likes from the creator it'll make you a so-called top commenters which could actually just flag your account in a good way and just make it so that your comments have more likelihood to be bumped up to the top of each of that vid or that creator's comments.
And what's more, is that if your YouTube channel name is related to that video that people are watching people will take notice of your channel name. You want to make it obvious for people so when they find that top comment on each of those videos that they see, they'll have or be likely to click on your profile to just come to your YouTube page, this strategy by itself could potentially allow you to make a lot of money


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