how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website


 how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, in this blog today I’m going to teach you how to post affiliate links and make hundreds of dollars just like I do every single day absolutely for free and the best part about this strategy is that you don't need to have a website to get started with this method and you don't need to create any videos, show your face on camera or do anything like that and as I mentioned it's free and worldwide.

 Anybody can do this, what I am going to give you on this post is I’m going to show you exactly where you need to go I’ll show you how you can set this up then I’m going to give you all the free tools that you need to make this nice and easy for you

how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

So today guys I want to show you how to make money online by posting affiliate links absolutely for free and without a website but first I want to show you something I want to use a tool called google trends. This is a tool that shows you what people are currently searching for and what's percent potentially trending out there on the google search.

Okay so when you come over here, I want you to think about what's happening at the moment people are looking for ways to make money online working from home but how are they going to do that? well, this is where a site like google trends can tell you some trending topics or something that's still searched a lot so that you don't have to waste your time for example;


how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

let's say if you go to google trend and you typed in something like "How to make money with Instagram" for example and once you do that what's going to happen is it's going to show you exactly how many searches this topic is getting and how active it is now when you look at this bar in front of the result, number 100 over here is the most active and as you can see this is extremely active all the time which means people are looking to make money with social media all the time. Whether it's YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter there are so many different platforms Tiktok, etc and I want to show you how you can help these people make money online when you post your affiliate links and the site that we're going to be using today to do that is called

How to drive traffic to affiliate links

For those of you that don't know what medium is, this is a platform where you can go to post different articles absolutely for free, and because medium is such a huge site a lot of people a lot of affiliate marketers are making a lot of money with this site because they're able to rank their articles on here and promote their links which I’ll show you in a second and I’ll show you where you can get different ideas on how to rank your medium post and affiliate marketers have been doing this for a very long time to make a lot of money online and the best part is it's absolutely for free.

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Now let me show you if we go over to a site called similar web and we type in in the search bar you're going to see exactly how much traffic this site gets but the best thing about this site is because it's so powerful because there's so much authority when you do the right keyword research and you put up a lot of content you have a very good chance of getting somebody's traffic and take a look at this it gets 193 million views every single month and look at the traffic you've got united states, India, united kingdom, Brazil, Canada, so traffic flow is fantastic.

when you come back over to you can post links on it I would recommend that you do maybe one or two links I wouldn't go too excessive but when you read the rules further it says you must disclose affiliate links or payment for a post or affiliate links such as links out to amazon with your code or any other link out where you will receive a commission

make money with affiliate marketing without a website

So, if you head over to google and you type in something like work from home for example what's going to happen is, you're going to find a whole heap of the searches on here and if you scroll down if you go through you know a couple of pages or sometimes even on the first page you're going to find that there is a ton of medium posts on there of people that have already done a lot of this similar content and they're making money online with this strategy and I’ve found some of these posts some of them are on page one some of them are on page two page three just depends on what you search for now over there

Best affiliate programs to make money

people are going on to ShareASale ClickBank they're taking products and they're going onto sites like warrior forum and and they're reviewing products on here and they're making really good money online.

  So, from here what you want to do is you want to come over to a site like, ShareASale is an awesome platform where you can go to get a whole heap of affiliate products where you can promote them absolutely for free without having to hold inventory or do anything like that and you get a really good commission

once you sign up to ShareASale what's going to happen is search for a Merchant/product to promote and all you need to do is come over here click onto this promote button it's going to give you an affiliate link and then you can put that affiliate link inside your medium post now how are you going to know what are the best different types of keywords to use well there is a site over here called ubersuggest this is created by a guy named Neil Patel this is absolutely free you can sign up using your Gmail account and once you sign up it's going to take you over to a page that looks like this and from here this is where you would enter a keyword or a domain name.

how to drive traffic to affiliate links.
 For example, let's say you wanted to type in something like how to make money with YouTube for example it's going to show you all the different searches that are going to come up and it will tell you exactly how much volume these searches are getting so you can see that how to make money with YouTube is getting 45,000 searches every single month that is a lot of searches if you're able to get your medium post onto the first page of Google you could be making some serious money online

And if you were to rank for something that gets 5000 searches and if you're on the first page that's 5000 people that could potentially land on your medium column so what you'd need to do is once you sign up create a new story on and once you're done you publish the and then what happens is you need to give time for google to index your new post and then this is going to give you an awesome opportunity to make money online posting affiliate links without a website and absolutely for free.

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