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Best passive income ideas to make extra money online


How to make extra money on the side from home

Let me ask you one simple question do you think your current primary source of income is enough to cover your bills and pay all your monthly expenses? you see unfortunately for the majority of people their main source of income which comes from a nine to five job just isn't enough to cover all living expenses let alone buy that car of your dreams or go on that expensive holiday you've always wanted to go to.


best passive income ideas to make extra money online

So, in this post, I’m going to show you some interestingly legit ways you can start to make extra money online as a side hustle to supplement your current income. These methods can start to make you anything from thirty to 200 hundred dollars a day and a lot more.


The best part about these methods is it's free to get started and can be done from around the world so make sure you read this entire post and all five methods to see which one best suits you.


Here's how you can make money online today by just watching videos as simple as that and in this post, you'll learn the exact process to do that. In this article, I’ll show you four websites to make money by watching videos or ads. It’s a simple concept but full disclosure here


“some of the websites want you to be from the united states United Kingdom, Canada, Australia”

if you want to go that route and still log in and because there are a lot of you guys who are not from the listed countries, you might be from India or Bulgaria, Romania or Russia an alternative is to use the VPN. I have some links for VPNs in below that I use:

best passive income ideas to make extra money online best passive income ideas to make extra money online

In chess, if brands want your attention make them buy it right? like the joker said if you're good at something don't do it for free, therefore, if you're good at watching videos don't do it for free either. So, let's start with the first website which happens to be my favourite one.


Add wallet

best passive income ideas to make extra money online

They have a video on how it works and it only takes 45 seconds to watch it on their website and you just basically, watch a video get rewarded and you can also make one dollar for every Friend you refer to the platform.


One of the cool things I like about ad wallet is that they only want you to make ten dollars to cash out while some programs have a requirement of like 20, 30, to 50 bucks. This is to prevent you from reaching the required minimum such that you get discouraged and they'll keep your money. so, 10 bucks are realistic especially if you're going to refer some Friends


Inbox dollars

How to make extra money on the side from home

This is the second website, it's cool and you sign up for free, confirm your address and you can earn cash and gift cards. They have different niches and they claimed to have paid out over 59 million dollars.


Another interesting thing about it is that they have at least six niches like trending news, technology, celebrity gossip, food, entertainment, and health. you've probably watched one of these anyway so why not get paid by just watching celebrity gossip?



How to make extra money on the side from home

Another fantastic site where you can go to earn as much as a thousand dollars a month as a side income working from home and these are all legitimate sites very reputable and they pay very regularly some of them pay weekly fortnightly and some of them even pay monthly but it's a fantastic way to get started and supplement your income.


Airbnb Experience

How to make extra money on the side from home

I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of Airbnb but I’m not sure a lot of you guys have heard of what they call Airbnb experiences and now they've gone one step further because of the coronavirus and you can go online to host your experiences on Airbnb.

How to make extra money on the side from home

If you scroll down, the website allows you to gather with people to go out and you can teach them a whole range of things like you can organize hikes you can organize bike rides, you can organize adventures.


People are doing so many different things with Airbnb adventures and you could potentially get back into this as well once the pandemic eases over and you can go out in groups but until then.

How to make extra money on the side from home

what you can do is when you scroll down it shows how you can host an online experience if you know how to cook or you know a specialty in cooking certain foods you can do online experiences with cooking.


You can do online experiences with music some people are doing magic there are so many different things as you can see fitness is big at the moment. if you're big on your fitness you can host daily yoga classes or fitness classes whatever it might be from home and people will pay you every single day.


Just think about if you've got 10 people you know on zoom it's so easy to have multiple people watching you while you're doing something, paying you five to ten dollars which could be fifty to a hundred dollars every single day and you could run two to three zoom classes every single day with different groups of people making you some really good money online


you can host from home you can meet global guests so this is not only people in your community or your country. This is worldwide and you can build a business on the back of this idea.


Just click on this link here to have a read of how it works, what you need to do is you need to put your experience together and tell Airbnb experiences exactly what you want to do you share your idea, you submit it and then they'll let you know if it's approved and a lot of these have been approved especially if you're going to do something at home that's pretty basic like if you have a specialty in cooking something for example that only you can do or something peculiar to your culture as well.


Then you set up and you start hosting, they look after all the payment for you and they will pay you directly into your account and as you can see there are so many people doing a whole heap of different stuff including stuff like magic.


These are easy and interesting legitimate ways to make money online from home or anywhere. If this post is helpful kindly drop some nice comments and share them with friends.

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  1. This article gave a detailed and unusual methods to make passive income online which are not very common to find on every website. Thanks to the poster


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