What is abeg app used for | everything you need to know about abeg app

 Abeg app review

What is abeg app used for | everything you need to know about abeg app

What is abeg app all about?

Like most people, you probably came across abeg app on the BBnaija season 6 show or saw the advert and hype on Twitter and Instagram. While the mobile app name may sound funny or weird, the technology and features that are contained in the abeg app are mind-blowing and worthy of the hype that surrounds the brand name.

What is abeg app?

Abeg is like the Nigerian version of the google pay app but with some more interesting social features like the option to create or join giveaways. So basically, Abeg app is a peer-to-peer payment software that makes sending and receiving of money super faster than your regular bank apps and pay utility bills like mobile top-up, electricity, dstv or gotv bills. The app creators boast of high-speed transactions that outperforms what other regular payment apps  offer in Nigeria

What is abeg app used for ?

The app is designed to make your everyday transactions smooth and instant, you don’t need to ask for the recipient’s account number to send money. All that is needed is the receiver’s abegtag.

What is abeg tag? 

Abegtag is your unique user id for using the app. Just like usernames that are used to access websites, your abeg tag can also be used to access payment systems on the app. You can use your tag to send and request money, anyone that has your abegtag can send giveaways to you within the app irrespective of their location.

Abeg app

Abeg app

Abeg is a fintech app that was released on the 4th of september 2020 with downloads of over 500k on google play alone (as at the time of writing this article), according to data from similarweb website, Abeg is the 8th most popular app in nigeria for the month of september 2021.

Abeg app ceo and net worth

Abeg app ceo and net worth

Dare Adekoya is the chief executive officer CEO of Abeg mobile app, he is presumably in his late 20s known to be a mobile app designer who has designed banking apps for companies like sterling bank. Dare Adekoya is estimated to be worth $10 million.

Abeg app funding

After registration, all you need to do is link your bank verification number (BVN) with your abeg account after which you can fund it by transferring funds from your bank account to your dedicated abeg app wallet. you can access your designated abeg app wema account number by clicking the "add money" option under your account page

Abeg app website

The official website for abeg app is www.abeg.app while the contact email is [email protected]

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