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How to make money from mini importation in Nigeria

 How profitable is mini-importation in Nigeria

How profitable is mini-importation in Nigeria

Today, the mini importation industry is one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria. Many people have already jumped into this importation company since they have seen how profitable it can be. If you’re prepared to conduct market research, interview suppliers, and comprehend the import procedure, there are excellent, specialized products available all around the globe that can be quite rewarding.

Mini importation is a sophisticated type of small business that enables you to easily and affordably purchase or import goods from other countries from the manufacturers. Most small-scale importers purchase their items in nations like China and others, where various things are made cheaply, import them to Nigeria, and then sell them to consumers.

To obtain the finest advice on beginning a tiny importation business in Nigeria and selling like an expert, make sure you have done all the essential research before starting your mini importation business.

What can I import and sell in Nigeria?

There are so many goods you can import into Nigeria, start to sell, and make your money. We will be listing some of the most common items that mini-importation business owners commonly import into Nigeria:

·       Electronic Devices

This is likely to have the most customer base in Nigeria at any given moment. There are hundreds of electrical devices, too many to list here, that you may import from China and attract buyers in Nigeria.

Keep an eye out for unusual, undiscovered items that accomplish useful jobs. You’ll make money if you can get electrical products over here.

·       Elegant Ceiling Pendants

I’m referring to the lovely ceiling light designs in numerous homes. They have grown in popularity in the last year. The Italy-made kind is expensive, but the China-made version is less expensive and sells well enough in the market.

·       Items of Fashion

Almost everyone loves to look good all the time . You can order and import low-cost fashion things that ordinary Nigerians can purchase. These fashion items are often counterfeit initial design replicas. That is the only category of things that most Nigerians can now obtain.

There are several additional fashion items that you may acquire from China and immediately sell to stores in Nigeria to generate money. Always aim for the most recent design in the industry while importing trendy things.

·       Machines for Sealing

The liquid/pure water filling and sealing equipment are the most popular. Demand will continue to rise as more individuals enter the pure water and fruit juice-producing sector.

·       Toys for Children

Children’s toys are another popular item in Nigeria, and you can get them in large quantities of all varieties and forms in China. Demand will be at an all-time high throughout the December holiday season.

·       Air Fryers

Air fryers aren’t the simplest things to import, keep, and ship, but their enormous appeal cannot be ignored. While well-known brand names like Instant Pot and Phillips attain maximum purchasers, numerous customers still want low-cost alternatives, which is where your import company starts.

Numerous characteristics (voltage, cooking operation scope, and digital display) influence air fryer models’ sales prices and profit. Before purchasing any model, assess the landing expenses of importing these 5-10 pound equipment.

·       Hydrocolloid Patches

Although hydrocolloid wound dressing has been around for a while, these little patches have lately garnered enormous popularity due to their acne-soothing characteristics. Because the product is often manufactured of benign, gel-forming ingredients that absorb excess fluids, such as pectin or gelatin, the danger of consumer abuse or adverse responses is minimal.

On Amazon’s Best Sellers list, this item ranks second in the Beauty & Personal Care category and receives millions of views for the keywords “pimple patch” and “acne patch.” Due to their basic and portable makeup, hydrocolloid patches may be purchased and imported from Chinese suppliers for dimes per pack.

·       Ring lights

Ring lights are popular among social media users and amateur and professional photographers. Many of these items have a stand that raises the user’s phone, while others merely include a ring-shaped light. Dimmability and light temperature control are optional options as well.

These items are slightly bigger and less robust than other suggestions on our list, which may complicate shipment. Ring lights, however, are worth considering due to their strong demand and large profits.

Water shoes are made to be elegant, lightweight, and sturdy, making them an excellent product to purchase from China. Swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, fishing, and even vehicle washing are available outdoor and fitness apps.

·       Cosmetic brush set

Makeup brush sets typically encompass 10-20 various sorts of brushes, each created for a particular application. The bristles are typically made from synthetic substances, but the softness varies depending on the brand, so request samples.

When attempting to sell cosmetic brushes, you can stand out by procuring brushes with exceptional handles or an attractive carrying case.

·       Nail polish

Nail polish can be purchased separately or in multi-color sets. However, it should be acknowledged that there are several kinds of nail polish that you can market, such as usual polish, gel polish, and so on.

The specifics of your nail polish services will rely heavily on your potential consumers, but you can also advertise packages containing manicure tools such as a UV lamp and a set of files.

How much do I need to start a mini importation business?

You don’t need a large sum of money to start a mini importation business in Nigeria. You may begin and maintain it with very little as 50,000 Naira with the appropriate training.

How can I start a small importation business in Nigeria?

Beginning a small mini-importation business requires the right steps to avoid regrets; whenever you are ready to start your mini importation business, you can follow the guidelines below:

·       Choose a Product Niche

This is an important aspect of the company. In the small importation industry, there are numerous areas to enter, and if you have the funds, you may start large by taking take on many different items to move into.

There are other product categories to explore, such as electronics, clothing, and furniture, but for those with little funds, you must start small and gradually build up.

·       Product sourcing

You must choose a supplier to provide your items once you have identified a niche of the products you will be open to selling. Sourcing suppliers has gotten much easier with the use of the internet today. Numerous online retail shops supply various items that may be purchased and resold in Nigeria.

You need to hunt for one, register with it, and start shopping. There are several reputable online retail shops, including Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress, DHgate, and others.

·       Purchase from the Supplier

The next step is to purchase your items from your provider. Another necessary stage to do here is to choose a trustworthy provider. You want to ensure that the things requested are of high quality.

One good approach to guarantee this is to read reviews and comments from previous purchasers. The reviews and suggestions of previous customers might help you decide whether to proceed with a transaction.

·       Make your payment

The last step in guaranteeing your things arrive at your door is to pay for them. It used to be difficult to make payments for imported goods. The procedure is now completely automated, thanks to the internet and a debit card. Make sure your account is funded for the items you’re going to buy so that payment may be processed. This is the only method to assure that your orders are delivered to you without any problems...


If you intend to start your tiny importation company today, you should do your proper homework. The micro importation industry is one of the most profitable enterprises in Nigeria today. It is one of several enterprises that can be done from the comfort of your home and do not need special expertise.


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