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What can I do to make money in Nigeria ?

What can I do to make money in Nigeria ?

How can I make money from scratch?

If you find yourself on this page, you are probably looking for ways to make money and sustain yourself or to generate startup capital for your business, so if you fall into any of those categories then this post is for you. But if you are only interested in what business to do invest in to make money in Nigeria, then you should check this post out where I talked about Profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria and Profitable businesses in Nigeria to invest in. For someone just starting off in life with almost zero nairas to your name, sometimes you need to put in the hard work to generate capital which can then be used to fund your long term business goal for financial freedom and that is why I have come up with the list of what you can do to make money in Nigeria.

What job can I do to make money in Nigeria?

Work at a Farm

Farm job is one of the easiest jobs you will quickly get in Nigeria to make a few thousand salaries every month. In most cases, you will get poultry farm jobs that pay 20 - 40k every month depending on the location and intensity of work and production capacity. As a hustler that's doing this job for a few months to make money for a better business, you should try to cut on a lot of things and live a minimalist lifestyle such that 10k will serve you for a month in terms of feeding and expenses while the other part of your salary goes to your savings.

After 10 - 12 months of working and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, you should be able to gather 100-200k savings to start a better business like a POS business or other daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Work at a fuel station

filling station work pays relatively well for a non-skilled position. Popular ones like Total, Mobil, Oando, Rano oil, Rainoil, and NNPC all pay well usually between the range of 25k to 50k monthly plus other side benefits that come from the work. unlike farm work, the fuel attendant job doesn't really require physically hard work like farm work but requires standing most of the time and wearing a uniform.

Join a car wash

Joining a car wash isn't bad as it sounds and that is why I said earlier that you sometimes need to drop your ego as a school graduate and hustle hard. Most people think car wash work is for the lowest people in the society or touts but that's not the truth. You can actually make more money working with car wash than working in the two previously mentioned places. Just find a commission-based car wash work where you get to keep 30-40 % of the work done. For example, the cost of washing a car is 1,000 naira, with a 30% commission you could be making 3k daily if you are able to wash 10 cars, in a month you will be making 75k if you work 25 days in a week.

Join security companies

You don't necessarily need to be tall and have a big body size to work with security companies although the two features be an added advantage for you in the job. There are hundreds of private security companies in Nigeria across all states of the federation. These companies train and supply security personnel to banks, eateries, schools, factories, and so on. A security job is one of the easiest jobs you can find to make money in Nigeria with a salary range of 30 -50k and all that is required of you is alertness and attention to instructions/information.

Become a bouncer

If you have a good body physique or you are a bodybuilder you should also capitalize on that. you can apply to be a bouncer at an event security company or individually apply to a club to be their bouncer. You can also liaise with other fellow bodybuilders to carry you along whenever theirs an event to be covered. while working with a company you could be earning 30 - 50k but as an independent bouncer, you can be earning more depending on the number of shows and events you get in a month.

Become a fitness trainer

People good money to trainers and gym instructors to help keep their bodies in shape and if you are an athletic person who is looking for what to do to make money in Nigeria, you might want to capitalize on this option to make money. All you need to do is apply as an instructor to gyms or create your own market by advertising your service in elite areas where women and men share a similar interest in weekend fitness training. Since it's a subscription-based work, you could be charging 5k monthly per person and with 10 members subscribed to your service, this will be a perfect way to make money while doing what you love in Nigeria.

work at a factory

Factory work is my least favorite way to make money in Nigeria due to the poor welfare workload in most Nigerian factories. Nevertheless, factory work still remains one of the fast jobs you can get in Nigeria because labor is constantly needed for companies to be able to meet production targets and demands. In Lagos for example, a lot of factories pay 40k upward to workers but in most cases, factories pay an average of 20k salary in different parts of the country.


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