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Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

 Profitable daily Income Business ideas in Nigeria

Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

The business world is full of opportunities anyone can use. Owning a business is a brilliant move in Nigeria, judging on the economy of the country. It doesn't matter if you are an office worker; daily income businesses in Nigeria are a bonus. These businesses can turn you into a millionaire if you remain consistent. Below are the daily income businesses in Nigeria you can try.

Offline Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

There are several offline daily income businesses in Nigeria one can try if you have the skills. Though online businesses are a thing, there is so much profit in offline businesses too. Yet, for any business to be successful, the owner has to be passionate about it. People want you to be consistent, so they can never forget this is what you do. Let us move on and go through the offline business ideas.

WhatsApp Vendor Business

WhatsApp vendor business is one of the easiest businesses you can try without capital. It is a lucrative business that would give you daily income. Being a WhatsApp vendor involves selling various stuff on your private WhatsApp account. However, this business is classified into several types: Crypto and gift card dropshipping, apparel WhatsApp dropshipping, WhatsApp digital marketing, and WhatsApp drop service. Confused about what dropshipping might be? It is a form of business in which the seller doesn’t have the goods in stock. When a customer orders a specific service, the WhatsApp drop shipper then buys from the wholesaler and resells it. Also, a WhatsApp TV digital marketer receives money from people to run adverts of their brands for them. A WhatsApp TV digital marketer must have a lot of contacts that are interested in what they display.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has made it easier for business owners because they now have a separate app called WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business allows you to showcase your brand. You can even showcase your catalogs. So, if you wish to venture into this business, all you need is a browsing phone, data, and lots of contacts.

   Catering Business

The catering business is a profitable business, not only in Nigeria but worldwide. It is because everybody needs food, and not everyone has the time to do that. Workers, travelers, and other random people will search for an excellent restaurant to satisfy their cravings, and they will keep coming back if they are satisfied. It happens every day; you can't run at a loss if you are good at what you do. So, cooking is not a bad business idea if you are passionate about cooking and can handle many people's delicacies. Furthermore, you can take wedding delicacies, events, birthdays, burials, etc. Also, don't forget that a good relationship with customers is essential.

 Cybercafe, Printing, and Photocopying Business

A cybercafe is a place where the public pays to make use of the internet. The name "cafe" suggests that you serve your customers refreshments while you are rendering your services. This business is another lucrative business, especially if your cybercafe building is around a university area. This business provides several benefits, including computer and internet usage on an hourly basis, photocopying, printing, computer training, etc. Cyber Cafe owners make profits every day. Some cyber cafe owners will earn more if their building is in the university area because students always have one or two documents to print or photocopy.

  Logistics Business

The logistics business is one of the most popular daily income businesses in Nigeria. Many people seem to underrate this business, but it is a great deal. The logistics company's job is to plan and control the movement of goods. Every vendor has customers scattered across the country, and they might need help delivering their goods to them. This is where the logistics company comes in. You don't need much capital to be able to set up this business. However, you need to connect with business owners and introduce your business to them. You will make a great deal off the logistics business once you have gathered your customer base.

Uber Business

If you have excellent driving skills and you are also passionate about driving, being an Uber driver is not a bad idea. There is a lot of money in this business, as many people do not own a car but want to escape the stress of public transport. Uber makes people feel like they are in their vehicles with their drivers, favoring you as the Uber driver. The customer will book a ride with you, and you will meet them at their location, take them to their destination, and get paid. The most beautiful thing about this business is that it doesn't have a fixed price. You charge your customer based on how many hours they spend in your car. Isn't that awesome?

 Car Wash Business

The car wash business entails washing cars for people for a certain amount of money. This business is not one to ignore while listing the daily income businesses in Nigeria. This business is lucrative, especially when the location is where cars are surplus. Before, car owners used to wash their cars or give that task to their children. But nowadays, they prefer to take their cars out to wash for an amount of money, as the car washer will do a better job. In the car wash business, the car washer also cleans the interiors, radiator, and engines. Even if you need to get machines to start this business, they are affordable, so it doesn't need much capital.

Generator Repair Business

Generator repair service involves repairing a faulty generator or servicing them. This job is among the most underrated positions in Nigeria, but it is a big deal. Generator repairers make a lot of money daily because machines will continuously develop faults, and the only way to fix them is to ask for the engineer's services. If you can get your way through big companies to repair their big generators, you have caught a big fish.

 Fashion Designing Business

Everyone wants to look nice; everyone wants to wear lovely dresses, but not everyone has the skill. This is where the fashion designer comes in. If you have fashion designing skills, nothing should stop you from being a fashion designer because you will be making a lot of cool cash. People will sew typical dresses, wedding gowns, birthday dresses, etc. Even fashion companies, models, and schools might need your services. So, the fashion designing business can fetch you a daily income without much stress.

 Plumbing Business

Plumbing is one of the daily income businesses in Nigeria that you can't ignore for any reason because every building will involve a plumber's skill. With the proper connection, you will always get a job every day. Many people in Nigeria think the plumbing job is only for illiterates, but that is not the case. Plumbing can be a side hustle if you are a student or have a job, but you want to have a daily income business. However, you have to be an apprentice under someone before you can call yourself a plumber.

Laundry Business

People are busy in the country, and there are no spare times to do their laundry. Oh! There are weekends, but they are either fixed up with something or need to rest, and everyone loves to wear neat and ironed clothes. That is one of the reasons the laundry business exists today. This business will bring you daily income, and it has little or no risk. This business can be your full-time job or a part-time job if you have another job. Another beautiful thing about the laundry business is that you don't need to have all the money in the world before you can start. You can start small and keep growing as time goes by.

  POS Business

POS means Point of Sale. This business is trending at the moment in Nigeria. If it's not lucrative, people won't keep getting into it. This business provides services like bill payments, airtime recharge, transfers, and withdrawals. Though they are not bank employees, people call them bank agents because they make transactions easier. They charge you according to how much you are withdrawing or how much airtime you are recharging. So, with a good location, you will always smile back home after the day's work.

How to start POS business in nigeria

Game shop

A game shop is where people can play various games. In a game shop, you will find basketball games, soccer games, wrestling games, etc. Everybody knows how obsessed males are with games and how competitive they are. The game shop comes to their rescue at this point because they would like to compete with their friends. A game shop business can earn you lots of money in an hour. So, it can't be overlooked while mentioning the daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Hairdressing Business

Hairdressing is an apparent daily income business, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Every day, there is always someone who wants to make a new hairstyle, and not everyone has a sister or friend who can make hair. So, in a way or the other, they have to find themselves at the hairdressing salon. Hairdressers make more money during weekends because students will prepare for school the following week. Though it is not an easy job, it brings in lots of income. So, if you wish to be a hairdresser or already have the skill, nothing should stop you because you will regret nothing from the decision of being a hairdresser.

Barbing Business

The barbing business is like the twin of the hairdressing business. There is enough money in this business, so it's safe to say it is one of Nigeria's best daily income businesses in Nigeria. People always want to cut their hair when it is bushy, and they need the services of barbers. Barbers also make more money during weekends because they want to cut their hair for a new week.

Nails Fixing Business

People don't want to go into the nails fixing business because they think it doesn't yield much money, but that is not the case. As a nail technician, you can earn as much as #5,000 per day. It is to let you know how lucrative this business is. So, don't hold back if you are interested in being a nail technician. Learn the skill and start the nails fixing business.

Photography Business

The photography business can't be skipped while mentioning the daily income businesses in Nigeria because, as a photographer, you can earn every day. You can always get a gig for birthday parties, weddings, model pictures, etc. Students always need passport photographers in the university area, so you will always have some cash to take home after work.

Phone and Laptop Repair Business

Phone and laptop repair is inevitable because they will develop faults at one point in time. If you have the skills, you can give it a trial. And if you don't have the skills but wish to go into the business, you can learn about the job under someone and set up your own business. Be rest assured that you won't be at a loss because there's always that person who would repair their phone or laptop.

Online Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

Online businesses are a big deal but comes with their challenges. If we are honest, every job has its challenges, whether online or offline. Contrary to what people think about online businesses being a get-rich-quick-scheme, online businesses require patience and dedication. You will also be able to connect with different businesses while running an online business. Let us take a look at some of the daily income online businesses in Nigeria.

Proofreading Business

Proofreading means checking for mistakes in a text and fixing them before the writer publishes it. It is a very lucrative business to try if you are fluent in it. Many companies are waiting to hire you as a proofreader if you meet their requirements. Also, for daily income, you might become a freelancer proofreader and get gigs from several clients.

Tutoring Business

The online tutoring business is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria. The best part of this job is that you are your boss, as you are free to set up your hourly rates at your convenience. So, if you are a teacher and passionate about education, you can venture into the online tutoring business. As an online tutor, you will be lifting so much burden from the child's parent's head. Further, don't limit yourself to referrals; you can search for gigs online from Udemy or Skillshare. There, you will connect with more people, and you will continually earn enough money.

Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing involves recommending a service or product to your audience through an email list, website, or blog. Every time someone makes a purchase on that product through your link, you earn a commission. That sounds goods. Yes, it does. It is why affiliate marketing is one of the daily income businesses in Nigeria. If you intend to be an affiliate marketer, make sure you watch YouTube videos, read pdf on how to be an affiliate marketer because affiliate marketing is not an easy job. It would help if you learned everything about it. After you have learned all these, you can move forward and earn a fortune from this business because it is very profitable.

Social Media Influencing Business

Anybody can be an influencer on social media if they have the tools. What are the tools, and what does social media influencing mean? Social media influencing involves persuading people to buy a particular product. It is similar to affiliate marketing, but the difference is that people pay you as an influencer to advertise their products and make people engage in what they offer. The tool you need as an influencer is just a large audience. You need a considerable number of followers on your social media accounts to be an influencer. If you can pull that through, then you can be a social media influencer.

Forex Trading Business

Though forex trading can be risky for those who don't take time to learn every aspect of the business, it is still one of Nigeria's best daily income businesses. Forex has to do with currency and exchange. Forex trading involves guessing on currency prices to make a profit. The trader guesses if a certain will fall or rise, and if the prediction is correct, the trader earns some money. You can make a fortune through this business if you get your calculations right. Note that you could lose everything you earned if you become greedy along the line.

Cryptocurrency Business

This business is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria, and it is lucrative. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that people use to transact online. Some people make money by buying a particular cryptocurrency that is not yet launched, and when it becomes launches, they make a great deal of fortune. In contrast, most people make money from the cryptocurrency business every day by exchanging the crypto for dollars. Before you can start this business, you need to have at least a little knowledge about tech. Also, make sure you don't get too greedy while guessing if a particular cryptocurrency will rise or fall because you might lose everything you earned through prediction.

Freelance Writing Business

Freelancing can never be outdated, so tell me why you won't make money as a writer? Content writing involves researching a particular topic, writing and editing the whole text to your satisfaction. It could be reviews, blog posts, or project work. So, if you have the skills of a content writer, you can start applying on different websites for a job. And I mean it when I say you can earn every day as a content writer. It depends on how you push buttons and make proposals for jobs. Like I said earlier, and are two trustworthy websites where you can find several clients waiting to get their jobs done. Don't sit back and watch, apply, learn more about the business while waiting, and you will get a positive reply.

Virtual Assistant Business

Being a virtual assistant might mean a lot of work, but it's worth it because it is one of Nigeria's best daily income businesses. A virtual assistant offers services to clients without seeing the clients. This business involves working from home, and it doesn't cost you any capital to begin. Some of the roles of a virtual assistant can include data entry, fixing appointments, and sending emails. However, this job needs only organized and composed people. So, if you think you are organized and your peers praise you as organized, you can venture into this business and make cool cash.

Graphics Design Business

Almost every business around the world needs a graphic design or a logo to represent its brand. So, tell me why graphics designers won't make a lot of money? Graphics design involves creating visual content to spread a particular message. However, you need to have the skill before you can call yourself a graphic designer. When you got the talent, what's left is to start advertising your skills on every platform possible, let people know what you do. Apply on career websites, and make cool cash from this business.

Transcription Business

The last on our list of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria is the transcription business. Transcription involves typing out audio that needs to be in written form. This business is an essential part of qualitative research, and it is very lucrative. A transcriber can earn about $20 per audio hour. Are you bothered about how to get a job as a transcriber? Don't be! Clients are waiting for you on a site called Transcribe Me. It is a website that offers jobs to anyone. So, even with no experience as a transcriber, you can get a job at Transcribe Me.


Every business listed in this article is legit, and none requires too much capital. We hope we have helped you figure out what business you could do to make daily income possible. However, for people choosing from the online daily income businesses in Nigeria, it would be best to be careful with the websites you will be applying on. Asides from the websites we mentioned in this article, make sure you read the reviews on any new website that claims to be offering freelancers jobs. On no occasion will any recruiter ask you to pay some money before you get a job. If you get such a message from someone that claims to be a recruiter, you should know it's a scam. Don't! We wish you the very best.


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