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Profitable Crop Farming Businesses in Nigeria - Top 15

Farming is a lucrative business that has been waving off poverty for the past years to date. This business has created opportunities for many people, and it has produced several millionaires. However, crop farming is one of the best agricultural businesses making so many waves in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It is why we have come up with a list of the most profitable crop farming businesses in Nigeria. It is to help you in choosing the crops that can do well in a particular season to avoid loss. Here is the list of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Cassava Farming Business Cassava is one of the most popular sources of food for Nigerians. This type of farming is also one of the easiest farming businesses because you only have to bury the stems in the soil. Various foods come from cassava, including Garri, flour, semo vita, fufu, etc. Even the peel is helpful for the feeds of ruminant animals. Also, cassava farming won't keep you waiting forever before harvesting.

Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

  Profitable daily Income Business ideas in Nigeria The business world is full of opportunities anyone can use. Owning a business is a brilliant move in Nigeria, judging on the economy of the country. It doesn't matter if you are an office worker; daily income businesses in Nigeria are a bonus. These businesses can turn you into a millionaire if you remain consistent. Below are the daily income businesses in Nigeria you can try. Offline Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria There are several offline daily income businesses in Nigeria one can try if you have the skills. Though online businesses are a thing, there is so much profit in offline businesses too. Yet, for any business to be successful, the owner has to be passionate about it. People want you to be consistent, so they can never forget this is what you do. Let us move on and go through the offline business ideas. WhatsApp Vendor Business WhatsApp vendor business is one of the easiest businesses you can try without capital. It

What is eNaira and how does it work? | CBN digital naira

What is eNaira? eNaira is a CBDC (central bank digital currency) developed by the central bank of Nigeria as a digital version of the physical naira fiat currency, simple as that. Unlike the physical naira, eNaira will be used electronically across bank apps and other accredited payment systems in Nigeria. The idea of eNaira was initiated subsequent to the Endsars protest in 2020 when a lot of sponsored contributed to the protest using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and usdt. These transactions were made over the blockchain network which made them untraceable over the internet, after this, a ban was placed on all crypto transactions across the nation, and the idea of creating digital naira came into place. eNaira will function under a layered anti-money laundering and know your customer (KYC) framework with a limit to your daily transaction just like it was with the commercial banks. Users that have fulfilled their KYC and AML verifications will have daily transaction limi

Instant loan apps with low interest in Nigeria - Best 5

Best loan apps in Nigeria There are times in life when things might not be so smooth. You get low on cash, and this frustrates you. Sometimes, you have a business idea, and you don't have as much money to execute that plan. It's heartbreaking as well. Don't fret, as things have become more accessible nowadays. There are various instant loan apps in Nigeria, even with low interest rates. However, you can't trust every loan app you come across because not all are reliable. It is why we have compiled a list of the five best instant loan apps with low interest rates in Nigeria. Read on to know more. What Apps Let You Borrow Money Instantly in Nigeria? As I said, various apps let you borrow money instantly in Nigeria, but only a few are reliable. Nobody wants an app that doesn't loan them money immediately, has high interest rates, and the worst part of it is that they invade people's privacy. Below is the list of the five best instant loan apps with low interest rat