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How can I get legitimate freelance jobs in Nigeria?

Compared to job searchers seeking more conventional roles, you may have to call up an entirely new strategy if you’ve opted to locate freelance work. Freelance employment may be ideal for those who appreciate having total control over their professional lives or who desire a lot of variety in their workdays. Here are easy ways you can get legitimate freelance jobs in Nigeria. Networking Utilize your network of former coworkers and business connections. Consider your network as a base from which you may construct future opportunities as you develop your freelancing profession. Don’t set limits regarding identifying your network and who is a part of it; connections for future freelancing projects might range from real-life and virtual relatives, neighbors, and friends to former professional coworkers. An effective networking strategy is establishing relationships with people in your target industry. Finding and joining trade and industry organizations where you can connect with like-mind

How to increase brand awareness in Nigeria

What is the best way to increase brand awareness? Every firm in Nigeria must succeed by building its brand awareness. The general public will likely buy your good or service decreases if they don’t notice you. Prospective clients and customers can recollect and identify your company through its brand. You will reach more customers if your brand recognition is greater. Brand awareness is the degree to which your target customer is conscious of your company’s whole offerings, including its goods and services. As previously said, brand awareness refers to how well your target market and the broader public are familiar with the brand. Enhancing brand recognition is a crucial first step toward achieving total business and marketing objectives.  Additionally, brand awareness causes the intended audience to experience particular emotional experiences. To use marketing, your promotional activities will have more response from the audience if your brand is well-known. They will receive

Top Online Advertising Platforms in Nigeria

As an online marketer, you need to be familiar with online advertisements. An online advertisement is a powerful tool that is essential for businesses online because they need an audience. The reason is that it improves brand exposure, sales, and lead generation. Getting your adverts in front of a large number of people on the internet can be difficult. But with the help of these online advertising platforms, it is possible. It is also essential to learn about the most effective online advertising platforms. This is because you'll be able to test and determine which ones work best for your company. If you want to succeed in online ads, use the correct networks for advertising your products or services. So, we have compiled a list of the top online advertising platforms in Nigeria. Online Advertising Platforms in Nigeria 20. Bidvertiser BidVertiser is an internet ad network that specializes in delivering high-converting visitors. Website owners use this platform to drive traffic to

Best Nigeria Business Schools - Accredited business schools

  B est business schools in Nigeria If you are skeptical about the best business school for your budget, schedule, and intellectual preference, then you might want to consider the five schools that will be discussed in this article. For clarification, this is not professional or career advice but merely a ranking based on a perceived hierarchy of the undermentioned business schools in Nigeria . International school of management (Lagos) ISM is located in Lagos at 5 Yesuf Abiodun Way, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island. As of the time of writing this article, ISM offers a total of 40 courses at the undergraduate level, postgraduate as well as professional development programs all business and management related.  Another amazing thing is the fair tutoring fee which ranges between face-to-face learning and online learning. Depending on your preferred course of interest, you can decide to take all your classes online or physically at their training centers. The cost of online