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Most In-Demand Jobs in Nigeria


Most In-Demand Jobs in Nigeria

Are you about to gain admission into the university and wondering what course to take to get a great job in Nigeria? The country has a high unemployment rate in Africa. So, it's essential to know the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria before acquiring a skill.

According to the World Bank, Nigeria ranks sixth in total population. In addition, its economy grew 4 percent last year, compared to its 2.3 percent growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria has several industries that require skilled workers. For example, the oil and gas sector employs over 3 million Nigerians. Other sectors include banking, insurance, telecommunications, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, and transportation.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Nigeria


Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in Nigeria today. With the growing population, rapid urbanization, and increasing demand for basic amenities, there is no shortage of work opportunities. A wide range of engineering jobs is available, including civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, industrial, architectural, biomedical, computer science, and many others.

Also, the Nigerian government recognizes the importance of educating people about engineering and has established several institutions to promote Education in this field. In addition, numerous scholarships are offered for students wishing to study engineering. 


The banking industry in Nigeria is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the financial system in Nigeria is among the strongest in West Africa. This means that there is an excellent opportunity for career advancement.

Nigeria's banks offer ex


Accountants play an essential role in business management. They help businesses manage their finances and prepare reports on their performance. As such, accounting remains one of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria.

Accountancy programs can lead to careers as auditors, controllers, or internal audit managers.


Law is another in-demand job in Nigeria. A law degree from a reputable university will make you stand out when applying for jobs. It shows your dedication to learning new things and being well-rounded.

Further, a law degree will give you the skills to become a lawyer or paralegal. You may also consider becoming a legal secretary, a court reporter, or a notary public.


There is always a need for doctors in any society. If you have a passion for helping people, then a career in medicine might be right for you.

There are two types of medical degrees: Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery. Both of these degrees take five years to complete. After graduation, doctors must pass licensing exams and obtain board certification.


If you are interested in teaching, studying Education is a good option. Graduates usually fill teaching positions with bachelor's degrees in Education. However, some schools hire teachers without a college degree.

If you enjoy working with children, teaching may be perfect for you. Teachers often teach elementary, middle, high, and even college classes. And you can apply for jobs in private or public schools.

Business Administration

If you like to run your own company, you should consider a Business Administration degree. A Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration can open many doors for you. You could start your own small business or join a large corporation. Either way, you will learn valuable lessons about running a successful organization.


Among the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria is Marketing. If you love marketing, then you should consider a Marketing degree. Many types of marketing degrees are available, including Industrial Engineering, Advertising, Economics, Management, and Public Relations.

These degrees will help you develop the skills to market products and services effectively.

Computer Science

If you're passionate about technology, a Computer Science degree will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work in the computer science field. This includes software engineering, web development, mobile app development, and cybersecurity.

Software engineers design and create computer programs. However, web developers build websites that function correctly. Mobile app developers create apps for smartphones and tablets.

Cybersecurity specialists protect computers against viruses, hackers, and other malicious threats.


The demand for nurses in society can't be overemphasized, making nursing one of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria. If you enjoy caring for patients, nursing may be your career path. Nursing students receive training through an associate's degree program.

They study anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, and patient care. They also learn first aid and CPR. After their Education, nurses typically begin as registered nurses (RN). RNs practice under the supervision of licensed physicians.

Some nurses specialize in certain areas, such as pediatrics, gerontology, or surgery.

Law Enforcement

To become a police officer, you should consider a law enforcement degree. This includes criminal justice, criminology, detective, forensics, and patrol officers. Students in these programs learn how to investigate crimes, interview suspects, and use evidence to solve cases.

In addition to learning how to prevent crime, they also know legal procedures, constitutional rights, and ethics.

Medical Assistant

Like nursing, the medical assistant job is among Nigeria's most in-demand jobs. A Medical Assistant degree can lead to great opportunities if you want to pursue a medical career. Most medical assistants work at hospitals and clinics. And their job duties include taking vital signs, preparing medications, assisting doctors, and helping patients recover from surgeries.

Many people find employment after graduation because most employers prefer candidates who have experience working in healthcare settings.

Pharmacy Technician

Another option is to get a Pharmacy Technician degree. You can choose a four-year program or a two-year program. Either way, the pharmacy technician works in pharmacies, drug stores, and health food stores. Their responsibilities include dispensing prescriptions, checking inventory levels, and maintaining records.

However, pharmacy technicians must pass state licensing exams before they can begin working.

Public Safety

Public safety careers often require extensive training. For example, firefighters usually complete a firefighting academy, while police officers undergo rigorous training. However, some public safety positions do not require any formal training. These include dispatchers, security guards, and 911 operators.

Theatre Arts

What's the entertainment industry without the theatre arts course? The need for continuity in entertainment has made theatre arts one of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria. An acting career requires years of intense training. Students pursuing this type of career start by attending community colleges.

They then transfer to universities where they take voice, movement, stage combat, improvisation classes, and more. Once they graduate, theatre artists perform on stages all across the country.


Architecture is another popular career choice among students interested in architecture degrees. You can earn your degree online or at a traditional university campus. Some schools offer both options.

Online Architecture Programs

You might want to enroll in an online architecture school for many reasons. For one thing, it allows you to save money. Online courses cost less than those offered at brick-and-mortar institutions.

Additionally, online architecture schools allow you to study anywhere that has access to the Internet. This means that you can attend class from home, even when traveling. Furthermore, online architecture schools provide flexible scheduling; you can take your studies whenever it's convenient.

You don't need to commute to a physical classroom every day. Instead, you can log into your online coursework wherever you are. If you decide to pursue an online architecture degree, ensure that you select a reputable institution.

Also, take time to research different schools so that you can compare their reputations and student experiences.

Before choosing which online architecture school to attend, consider whether you want to specialize in construction management, interior design, urban planning, or anything else. You may also want to consider how much flexibility you want in your schedule. If you plan to travel frequently, you may want to choose an online architecture school with a flexible curriculum.

Otherwise, if you plan to stay put, you may opt for a school that offers a full-time program.

Other Jobs

There are many other options when it comes to choosing a college major. Some examples include:

  • Criminal Justice – Criminologists analyze crime trends and investigate criminal cases.

  • Environmental Science – Scientists conduct experiments to determine environmental conditions.

  • Finance – Financial analysts gather data and prepare reports about companies and individuals.

  • Graphic Design – Graphic designers create logos, advertisements, brochures, flyers, and posters.

  • Human Services – People working in this field help others by providing counseling, tutoring, health care, or other assistance.

  • Journalism – Journalists write articles, stories, editorials, and news broadcasts.


We hope this list of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria has helped you choose a path. We wish you good luck as you begin your journey toward a new job!









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