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Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria

Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are many taxi apps available. Let’s assume that you find yourself in a circumstance where you require the assistance of one of these taxi apps. Who would you pick to call out of the group? We’ve compiled a list of the top taxi apps in Nigeria along with some essential details about each one so you can make an informed choice:


One of Nigeria’s most well-liked taxi apps is Bolt, formerly known as Taxify. In 2013, Markus Villig, a 19-year-old Estonian high school student, founded Bolt. The company’s cornerstone at the time was an app that let individual drivers offer rides in their cars or scooters. Through the app, drivers and passengers can communicate.

Since its 2016 debut in Lagos, Nigeria, Bolt has developed into the nation’s second-most popular car-hailing service. As of February 2019, Bolt is in approximately 34 nations, including 150 cities in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. In total, 25 million consumers and about 500,000 drivers have registered accounts with Bolt.


You can travel quickly to your destination using the Uber app. Open the app, enter your destination, and a driver in the area will help you get there safely. Your trip plans will be stress-free thanks to the Uber app, which lets you hail a car from anywhere. You have the option of scheduling or requesting a ride in advance.

You may request a trip using the Uber app, and your driver will pick you up and drive you directly to your destination without any delays. The app is incredibly simple and has a straightforward UI that makes everything appear simple. In Lagos and other areas of Nigeria, it’s one of the top taxi applications.

Uber ensures you choose the best vehicle for your requirements, whether you’re looking for style, comfort, or price. You may get an upfront pricing estimate before making an Uber reservation. Consequently, you will always be aware of the price of your trip before you order it. The app allows you to share your location with anyone and call local authorities directly.


InDriver is a taxi service that is completely different from Uber and Bolt. Its goal is to develop a different mode of transportation where drivers and passengers can concur on the price of a ride. Passengers can select the driver they want to take to their desired location on the inDriver app.

You can decide how much you want to pay for a trip; if the driver accepts it, you’ll be driven there. The cheaper transportation system provided by inDriver has a robust app. One of the top taxi apps in Lagos is inDriver.


You may catch a ride with somebody going the same route as you using the Jekalo app. Whether you’re a ride owner or a passenger, Jekalo is an easy and affordable way to go home this evening, to your next meeting, or for after-work drinks. The app’s primary goal is to foster a culture of giving and love.

Jekalo can help you pick up or distribute the products, so you don’t have to make the trip yourself. Owners of rides on Jekalo may get amazing rebates on services, including vehicle upkeep, third-party insurance, gasoline coupons, airtime, data, and cash withdrawal choices. Other taxi applications are more costly than Jekalo.


You can easily go around the city using the safe taxi app Drop. The taxi service effortlessly connects people, goods, and destinations using emerging technologies. It changes how people and things are moved between destinations, improving passenger value, comfort, and safety.

The application is easy to use. On the map, enter the pickup and drop-off locations, or choose an address. Choose a traditional taxi or any other form of taxi you choose, confirm your order, and wait for the driver to arrive. You’ll be alerted when that occurs. The app, however, only functions in Lagos.


Only the State of Enugu offers access to this taxi service. RideOn offers a quick, secure, and reliable private vehicle transportation booking service at the push of a button. RideOn does not operate its fleet of vehicles. All authorized vehicles providing travel services to passengers are owned by licensed professional taxis or individual drivers who operate their businesses separately from the rest.

Choose your pickup and drop-off locations after you open the application, then look for a driver. The driver will arrive to pick you up if you demand it. You can pay by credit card or cash after your ride.


A taxi service called RideMe Taxi connects customers with cabs in their neighborhood. To make traveling within and outside of the city less difficult, RideMe Taxi was developed. RideMe Taxi can assist if you require a taxi nearby, to or from the airport, to go shopping at your preferred malls, or to meet up with friends. RideMe, a new taxi app in Nigeria, offers riders excellent customer service through a Live Chat feature.

All of your issues may now be resolved simultaneously. You may reserve a taxi using our online booking tool at a cost that works for you. It has never been easier or more affordable to get a ride. The user-friendly RideMe Taxi app was created with the passenger in consideration. You may quickly schedule a ride to any location in the city with only a few clicks.

Holla Cabs

A taxi company called Holla was founded in Lagos. In the large cities of Nigeria, the company provides on-demand taxi services. You can quickly and easily book a taxi using the mobile app for booking and travel to your destination. Using the Holla passenger app, you can quickly book cabs from your smartphone with various choices, including your preferred taxi types and a local driver.


This taxi app is among the nation’s best and is also controlled by Nigerians. Modern smartphone app CarXie provides cabs that guarantee convenience and protection to meet your last-minute travel needs. It is economical and safe. To guarantee that Nigeria is a substantial and equal partner in the modern, technologically-driven transportation networks that are essential to the efficient functioning of markets, CarXie was established.

There are many intriguing features in the CarXie app. The app will identify your pickup location even if you don’t recognize your current location. You can evaluate your driver to offer suggestions and help us enhance the level of service. Lastly, you can add your credit card and use it whenever you’re in a nation that accepts the payment method.

Which ride app is the cheapest in Nigeria?

Since 2017, while they were still known as Taxify, Bolt has been operating in Nigeria. They provide possibly the most affordable taxi services there, and their dependability is unparalleled. With the Bolt app, you may order a trip, and your driver will pick you up shortly after. Bolt rides are reasonably priced.


As opposed to the customary method of waiting by the roadside, reserving trips in advance has become the standard for taxi services in Nigeria. A few years ago, taking a taxi in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria changed. Instead of being the common yellow-painted cars, taxis now look private and expensive. Now you can ride a taxi from one location to another without anyone noticing.

And that has even made it simpler for people to charter a taxi; now that private companies are involved in the taxi industry, they have assured that people can order a ride using their mobile phones.


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