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Small Business Ideas for Girl Students in Nigeria

Small Business Ideas for Girl Students in Nigeria

Numerous wealthy people began their entrepreneurial adventures while still in school. There are start-ups that were the result of innovative thinking and changed the course of history. Are you prepared to launch a small business with little capital? Here are some businesses you can begin as a girl student in Nigeria:

A cosmetics shop

The next business venture on my list of suggestions for women in Nigeria is running a cosmetics shop. There are many different types of beauty items available in shops around Nigeria.

Because of the part it plays in society, the cosmetic and beauty supply industry is one of those enterprises that will never go out of style. Everybody utilizes cosmetics, such as soap, shampoo, deodorants, pomade, perfume, hair color, and other items.

The start-up cost for this kind of company might range from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the size you wish to operate at. You may open your own cosmetics shop right away and later expand.


Among the most popular internet start-ups for women in Nigeria, particularly for graduates who write for blogs, newspapers, and other online media sources is freelancing, either full- or part-time. If you write for large corporations, this may earn you a lot of money. You may get started right away by sending an email to your desired firm, introducing yourself, and outlining your services.

If you have the necessary talents, you might also freelance in other fields outside writing, such as adobe illustrator, web design, coding, etc.

Baking and Pastry

Any company involving food is usually successful, particularly when the business concept and strategy are properly thought out.

For items manufactured to order, such as birthday cakes or wedding cakes, talented bakers might demand greater prices. Start a baking company to sell particular dishes or bespoke creations for occasions outside of your home kitchen if you like cooking and want to base your first business around it.

Tokunbo wears sales

Tokunbo, sometimes referred to as Okrika, is used for clothing, shoes (slippers), and bags, most of which are imported from other nations such as the United States of America  Italy and so on. Many individuals, notably young people, those with limited incomes, and people who love fashion, value the Okrika company much.

One of the top business ideas for women in Nigeria is selling Okrika clothing. Anyone can start this company with a high degree of certainty for profit and little chance of failure. The fact that this company doesn’t need a significant initial investment is what I find most intriguing.

You may begin it with as little as $5,000 and gradually expand your company. The main factor in customers choosing to purchase Okrika items has been their affordability when opposed to the new.

Jewelry Design and Production

One of the business concepts for women in Nigeria that you can easily advertise via recommendations from friends and family is this one.

Designing beads is an extremely profitable company with many opportunities for financial gain. Beading is a fairly accessible home-based business opportunity since it doesn’t need much room or technological expertise. If you are the kind that can design and produce jewelry, you may start earning money from it since bead necklaces and handmade jewelry are quite popular in Nigeria.

Beaded jewelry may be made by anybody with a little imagination. You may attend a two-week training course in bead making with any fashion firm to get launched.

Skin Care Industry

For women in Nigeria, developing and selling a line of skin care products might be a lucrative economic venture. A skincare line that is efficient and of good quality may be a sensible choice in terms of market acceptability given the current focus on natural, organic products.

Concentrate on the kinds of items you want to produce while starting a skin care brand. You may create soaps, bath salts, lotions, aromatherapy mixes, or a mixture of things. You may get made-organic skin care products and have beautiful skin even on a tight budget.

Designer and tailoring of clothing

This is among the home-based startup company concepts based on skills that you may launch in Nigeria right now. When you have mastered this talent, you are prepared to make a profit. The fashion industry is now more profitable than ever. People often stitch new clothing, and tailors play a major role in this.

Also some tailors use web marketing techniques to promote their services and attract clients. Any student in Nigeria may start a company like this to earn a living.

Recharge Card Business 

Recharge cards are a necessity in mobile phones, which almost everyone has. Everywhere might be a call card vendor. In your dorms, workplaces, along the road, in diners and restaurants, etc.

Being aware that most individuals can reach these locations. Anyone in Nigeria may start this profitable company with minimal investment. Additionally, starting a call card company is a fantastic idea for kids in Nigeria.

Web Development and Design 

Having a good internet presence is essential for businesses to survive. With the advent of modern technology, connecting with prospective clients via social media and applications has replaced traditional offline marketing strategies. However, the majority of businesses lack the time and funding necessary to build their websites from scratch. Therefore, starting a company as a website designer or developer while still in school is a fantastic concept with low initial expenses. You may get started as a freelance web designer by coming up with intriguing logo ideas for overhauling whole websites. Communicate with instructors and other students to promote your work, then gradually expand your audience by contacting more people.

Management of Social Management 

Another of the top student business ideas is social media management. Seasoned businesses are looking to outsource the task of managing their social media channels because they lack the time to do so. You must handle your client’s social media networks as a social media manager and put plans in place to increase sales. Follow other thought leaders in the same industry to pick up new skills, and your start-up will undoubtedly grow over time.

Content creation 

For companies, the need for quality content is always rising. The need for new material to market items, produce brochures, and increase consumer base is always expanding. Students may simply start a career as content producers without making any financial commitments. You just need a strong grasp of English and a talent for writing to start a profitable business. Businesses may find it practical to hire students on an as-needed basis to produce quality material.

Videos and Animation 

Do you enjoy creating quick animated films or videos? This has emerged as among the most lucrative business ventures for students, thanks to social media video platforms like YouTube. The growth of the animation and video production industries is largely due to digitalization. You may make your own moderate feature films as college students, or you can make advertising for well-known companies. Video marketing has a lot of possibilities as well. To get a competitive advantage over their competitors, businesses are engaging video producers to produce eye-catching films for their goods.

Child care 

The demand for an excellent and dependable child care provider is growing, especially in the present situation when both couples share financial responsibilities. All you have to do is provide for the youngster until one of the parents gets home, and you’ll be paid well for it. The best business concept for students looking for a part-time employment is child care. To manage toddler tantrums and treat them correctly, you just need to have patience. To help you get the hang of it, there are also several babysitting training courses available.

Online tutoring 

If you do well in school, you will always have a favorite topic that you like reading about. Isn’t it a terrific idea to make a little money by teaching a topic that you are an expert in? One of the successful and enjoyable business ventures for students turns out to be an online coaching service. You may conduct sessions whenever it suits you since the tutoring is done online. Since there are no additional costs, your whole income will be profit.


Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, but underemployment there has grown to be a serious problem since young people who are jobless tend to get more despondent every day.

You may start a variety of successful businesses even as a student in Nigeria and earn a substantial income every day. Several of them can be carried out online, while others can only be directly and offline.


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