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How to sell real estate fast in Nigeria

How to sell real estate fast in Nigeria

How do I market my real estate in Nigeria?

It doesn't have to be a difficult procedure to sell your properties. We are aware of several elements that might advance things. In this loss, we will give you our top suggestions you can implement for selling your properties fast.

You may take various actions to expedite your sale, and using these suggestions below as a guideline can be helpful:

1.    Always Be Willing To Trade

Selling will take longer since most purchasers will be in a chain and want to buy a property. On the other side, being as prepared as you can be to sell out your property can help you sell your current property more quickly. Being sale-ready includes: Speaking with your mortgage advisor arranging a solicitor in advance and keeping your documentation organized.

It's important to stay prepared and reduce prospective consumers' time to back out of a deal since, on average, 30% of purchases fall through.

2.    Prepare your documents

Any window and door certifications, boiler warranties, building regulations certificates, the property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and other legal documentation can speed up the selling process. Ensure you have a valid Energy Efficiency Certificate (or commission one) before trying to sell your home. Also, find out whether your estate agency offers this service.

3.    Take note of first impressions

When potential buyers see a property, they often decide whether they like it or not within a few minutes. It is commonly known that this choice is significantly influenced by how the property looks from the outside. If people are approaching from across the street, tidy up the front lawn or repaint the front door to give them a pleasant first impression.

4.    Personalize Your property Less

A potential buyer will want to envision living in your home. If your property is messy and you have too many personal items on show, they won't be able to accomplish that.

5.    Select A Respected Estate Agent Or Agency

Check out the "sold" signs in your area to see which estate agents are performing well in your community. Ask for appraisals from three separate agents, and always ask about the details of their marketing strategies. Can they sell your property to a broad audience and on various platforms? A skilled estate agent will market your home to the ideal purchasers, register many interested parties, be vigilant, and be successful in obtaining a higher selling price, increasing your net earnings from the sale.

6.    Take Advantage Of Your Estate Agent's Knowledge

Estate agents can successfully promote your property since they specialize in real estate sales and are excellent at anticipating purchasers' inquiries. Because of this, your representative is most equipped to address any queries or concerns expressed by prospective purchasers.

7.    Be capable of adapting

This is vital all through the selling process. If a potential buyer requests a night show, think about letting them see the home after a hard day at the office. Be flexible since the more potential buyers see your property, the more likely you will get an offer.


Real estate marketing Strategies in Nigeria

Nigerian real estate marketers are getting increasingly curious to learn how to advertise their company online due to the rising need for internet marketing. Even in the best of circumstances, selling a home, piece of land, or apartment may be challenging, so it is not surprising that there is such intense competition for potential purchasers. There are, however, methods for selling your property more quickly and for a larger sum:

1.    Produce engaging material with a distinct voice

The real estate sector always seeks new strategies to attract prospective buyers and sellers. One approach is creating engaging content that connects with your prospective customers and has a distinct voice.

One of the most costly and volatile asset types is real estate. As a person and a corporation, it isn't easy to succeed in this market. Companies invest a lot of time and resources in design, location, marketing initiatives, and even real estate agents to attract prospective customers. Companies may considerably reduce their marketing expenses by producing content for real estate listings.

2.    Take expert photos and videos of your properties.

Any real estate listing must include professional photos and video of the property. You could charge higher prices more quickly, draw in more buyers, secure listings with more competition, and get a better profit.

Generally speaking, properties with professional photos on the listing will cost 10% more. Several companies out there provide services for quality photography and videography that buyers may utilize for their listings.

3.     Create a niche

A niche is a small area of a larger market with unique traits. Possessing a wide range of distinctive products or offering a particular set of goods or services are just two examples of a niche. A business can carve out a niche by coming up with something novel.

Consider when there is a large market for that precise type of property in that region and when numerous individuals are looking for it to make your investment more attractive.

4.    Hold a seminar on investments for prospective homebuyers.

You must know the significance of real estate investing if you are a property investor. However, the amount of skill and understanding among investors varies.

We must teach prospective investors the fundamentals of investing to ensure that they can navigate this process without running into any obstacles. The advantages of purchasing a home are well explained at property investing seminars for prospective purchasers.

5.    Make use of email marketing and social media

The most efficient approach to market your real estate company is now via social media. It's a fantastic way to establish relationships with future customers and get recommendations.

As social media use rises, more companies are relying on social media marketing to boost their real estate company. Social networking is a powerful tool for finding new prospects and determining whether or not they are eligible customers.


Best Site to sell property in Nigeria

Real estate websites in Nigeria are a fantastic starting point if you want to purchase a property but are unsure where to begin. It might not be easy to decide which websites to visit since there are thousands of them.

•    Muna Real Estate Limited

Very highly recommended is Muna Real Estate Limited. Many real estate websites provide listings and a way to contact a broker. Muna Real Estate goes above and above to educate, providing opportunities for training and a wealth of materials on real estate projects in their "University" area. They are not only restricted to Nigeria, however. Access to homes in Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Vancouver, and Cyprus is available.

•    Propertypro. Ng

Real estate sales and rentals are only the beginning for Propertypro. Additionally, you may promote your properties for free! Additionally, they provide you with quick access to additional services like dish and air conditioner installation, electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter, and generator maintenance. The information on this page is accurate to the last detail.

•    Private property

The largest property inventory in Nigeria is available on this website. Enter a location, and your window will show a list of all the properties (and information) that are accessible there. If you have questions, you can call or send a Whatsapp message to learn more about the property. Like no other real estate website currently online.

•    Niger Property Center

On this website, you can post your property without charge. The website offers rental, short-let, and sale listings for real estate in Nigeria. Its website is responsive to mobile devices and crammed with authenticated images of all its properties.



Selling properties quickly in Nigeria doesn't have to be difficult for you. As you have read above, we have provided some advice and strategies you can implement and ensure your properties sells fast in the market.


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