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Best POS Machine Companies for POS business

Best POS Machine Companies for POS business

One of the most profitable businesses one may start in Nigeria is the POS industry. So if you want to put one up, it won’t come as a surprise. However, it would be wise to acquire the appropriate understanding before executing that action. We are here to assist you with that; this article includes the top POS systems in Nigeria, so you can have an idea of the POS industry in Nigeria and choose a partner as you see fit. Here is a list of POS providers in Nigeria from which you may select:


Even though there are many POS devices, the OPay POS device is one of the finest and most popular for performing unlimited transactions. You may get it from Nigeria’s vending enterprises for a very reasonable price.

The customer care staff at OPay will perform any needed maintenance free of charge throughout the 12-month warranty period. If you decide to work with them as a partner, you will also get free and permanent technical assistance from them. You must fill out and submit the OPay POS application form with the following information to obtain an OPay POS machine and become an OPay agent: your BVN number, a utility bill (NEPA bill), well-scanned passport, a legitimate identity card (ID card), your first and last names, and your shop’s or business’ address.

Paga POS

You must first sign up to receive a Paga POS. To register, email [email protected] or go to their main website. When you arrive at their website, choose Agent and press "become an Agent" to begin. A viable identity card, such as an international passport, national identification card, or voter’s card, a utility bill, a business license for registered businesses only, a bank verification number (BVN), a valid account number, and an active email address is required to obtain the POS.


In Lagos and other regions of Nigeria, GTBank POS is flourishing. The only distinction in the POS device’s manner of operation is the issuing bank.

You must have had a current account you have used for transactions for at least six months to meet the criterion. Visit the GTBank location closest to you to pick up an application form or email the bank.

The Moniepoint POS

The Nigerian-based startup Fintech firm that created Moniepoint POS is presently investing in the continent of Africa as a whole. It’s simple to apply for Moniepoint POS, but you must meet the following requirements: be at least 18 years old, a Nigerian citizen, proactive and tech-savvy, and own a mobile phone.

To become an agent, you must first fulfill their standards. The long procedure of receiving a free POS system might take some time, so if you can’t wait, find any of their offices nearby and purchase one for yourself (a Moniepoint), which costs N25,000.

Baxi Box POS

A nationwide agent network for the Baxi platform focuses on underserved communities and regions for conducting financial transactions.

Baxi Box POS is a platform that gives users real-time access to the value of their investments and an easier method to earn for each transaction on various items. By contacting this number, 017008571, you may express interest in working as a Baxi POS representative. Additionally, you might contact them via their social media channels.

Firstmonie POS

First Bank Nigeria plc launched Firstmonie as a project. Customers who are unbanked or underbanked can access financial services through authorized Firstmonie agents using the Firstmonie POS.

Open the FirstBank account, initiate a FirstMonie POS machine transaction without visiting the bank; money may be deposited or withdrawn from any Bank, Transmit funds to any Bank, Register for BVN, pay bills, and purchase airtime.

 According to CBN Nigeria, the highest total fee that a merchant may be charged for every POS transaction is 1.25 percent of the transaction amount, limited to a total of N2,000.00. Travel and entertainment businesses may be exempt from this rule, including but not restricted to guesthouses, eateries, and airways.

For the POS business, you must have a minimum of N50,000 in cash flow if you’re a person or N250,000 if you’re a registered company owner.

Before application, you must have a first bank current account that has been open for at least a year and is actively receiving and sending money. Give the address of your company. This might be your shop or any other empty place you own, rent, or both.

Polaris Bank POS

People can apply for Polaris Bank POS with their savings account at Polaris Bank, formerly Skye Bank. You must submit the following records to be approved for Polaris Bank POS and be appointed an agent: A valid identification document, such as a voter’s card, national identification card, international passport, or driver’s license; two to four passport photos; the most recent utility bill; and an open current or savings account with Polaris Bank. Visit the closest Access Bank branch after having these documents in hand.

 Zenith Bank POS

Zenith bank POS is quick, safe, and cost-free. Add Zenith Bank POS as an agent takes a couple of minutes. Before you may become a Zenith Bank POS agent, you must’ve had a corporate account with the bank for at least six months. Before permitting your organization to use a POS, the bank will monitor your regular business transactions. You must submit the following paperwork to be approved for Zenith Bank POS and appointed an agent: a valid ID card, passport photos, the most recent utility bill, and an active Zenith Bank current account.

Kudi POS

Leading worldwide fintech company Kudi is established in Nigeria and has several locations in Kenya and Ghana. The company is quickly growing across Africa. Agents of Kudi POS are permitted to conduct transactions on behalf of their clients by the fintech behemoth. Integrity is not a problem at all since Kudi is registered with CAC.

The POS terminals offered by Kudi are available on demand. You must, however, pay an N20,000 security deposit/caution fee to obtain one. To demonstrate that you can satisfy the POS terminal transaction benchmark, you must have an end-of-day transaction report or statement of accounts. The first step in getting the Kudi POS is to go to the closest Kudi office, get the form from their Agent, fill it out, submit it, and then pay N20,000 in cash non-refundable, to the office. After reviewing your application, Kudi POS will immediately release a POS to you.

Access Closa POS Agent

You must submit the following paperwork to be approved for Access Bank POS and be appointed an agent: The most recent utility bill, your passport photos, a valid ID card, and an active Access bank current account. When you have these documents in your possession, go to Access Bank and ask for an application for agency banking. Next, please fill out their form with the necessary information and wait for a confirmation that the collector of your Access Closa Agent’s POS has been approved.

Paycenter POS

The best agency banking quick fix in Nigeria is provided by the PayCentre “online” POS and mobile app, providing the opportunity to obtain and provide banking hall services. You can become a PayCentre agent by submitting the required form in a few days.

The goal of PayCentre is to generate employment. The ability to manage successful businesses and make a living wage benefits agents.


The good news is that if you strictly adhere to the instructions above, you can easily obtain the POS machine companies for the POS business in Nigeria we have listed for you.











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