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Businesses in Nigeria to Start With 500k


What Profitable Business Can I Start With 500k in Nigeria?

What Profitable Business Can I Start With 500k in Nigeria?

Starting an online business is exciting but can be confusing without proper orientation. In this article, we want to discuss that there are businesses to start in Nigeria with 500K. So, if you don't want to go to a bank to get a loan for your business, you're at the right place. Keep reading!

You can start several profitable businesses with 500k in Nigeria. Here's a list of some of them.

Mini Importation Business

Starting a mini importation business in Nigeria is possible with only NGN 500,000. You can import many products into Nigeria for sale, and the demand for these products is high. With 500k capital, you can start this business and earn a good profit.

However, you will need to find a reliable supplier of products. You can source products from China, India, or any other country. Once you have found a supplier, you must purchase the products and have them shipped to Nigeria. Once the products arrive in Nigeria, you can start selling them to customers.

To be successful in mini importation, you will need to provide good customer service and offer competitive prices. You should also have a good knowledge of the products you are selling. With a little effort, you can start a successful mini importation business in Nigeria and earn a good income.

Car Wash Business

Who says a car wash business is not possible to start with 500k? It's possible. However, it would help if you considered some things.

First, you'll need to find a good location for your business. This should be a place with high foot traffic and plenty of parking. Second, you'll need to buy the necessary equipment, including pressure washers, hoses, and brushes.

After renting a space and buying stuff, you might not afford to employ workers. So, you might handle the business alone till you start making enough profit. Also, don't forget that marketing your business is crucial. You can tell your neighbors, print some flyers, and ask them to share them with their friends.

With some elbow grease, you can soon be on your way to a thriving car wash business.

Printing Business

Printing is another business in Nigeria that you can start with 500,000. With a budget of 500,000 Naira, you can buy various printing equipment, such as a printer, scanner, and copier. You will also need to buy paper, ink, and other supplies. However, the cost of printing services will vary depending on your type of printing.

Also, don't fail to research the prices of other printing businesses in Nigeria. This is to get an idea of how to price your services.

You will need to promote your printing business to reach your target market. Handing out business cards and advertising in local publications will help. Also, you can offer discounts to customers who use your services. You can attract a loyal customer base and grow your business by providing quality printing services at a competitive price.

Sales of Clothes

Another business to start with 500k in Nigeria is sales of clothes. The clothes business is vast, and you can choose anyone and still be within your budget. There are unsewn fabrics, second-hand dresses, and new clothes.

Since Nigeria is a large country, there's a vast potential market for your products. However, you must consider some things before starting this business.

To start your business, you will need to secure premises from which to operate. Also, invest in some key pieces in your shop, like hangers. You will also need to source a good range of fabrics and materials to make your clothes from; that's if you'll be selling fabrics.

Once you have all these in place, you can start marketing your clothes to potential customers. If you are successful, you can quickly start to grow your business and make a great return on your investment.

Chair and Canopy Rental Services

You can start a mini chair and canopy rental service with 500k. If the renting cost is too high, you can start this business from your home. Once you've found a good location, you'll need to buy the necessary equipment for your business. This includes chairs, tables, and canopies.

You can add services like providing a complete package, including delivery, setup, and takedown. Also, you should add decoration, lighting, and sound. If you can't afford to hire staff, you can wait till your business grows.

Finally, you must ensure that you have a good marketing strategy. This will help you attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

With the proper planning, starting a Chair and Canopy Rental Service business in Nigeria with 500k will be successful.

Frozen Food Business

With the 500k you have as capital, have you thought of starting a frozen food business? The frozen food business is one of the thriving businesses in Nigeria. However, before starting, you need to choose a niche market.

There are several frozen food options, so you'll need to decide what you want to specialize in. Nigeria's most popular frozen food items include chicken, fish, and beef. Once you've decided on your specialty, you'll need to find a good location for your business.

You'll also need to invest in quality equipment to ensure your food is properly frozen. With an investment of 500,000 Naira, you can start a business that can provide various frozen food products to customers.

Computer Center Business

Starting a computer center is a great way to tap into the growing demand for computer services. With a large population, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa for computer services. The country has a growing middle class with a strong desire for quality computer services.

If you want to start this business with only 500k, don't fret; it's possible. However, it would help if you still considered other things.

You must have a detailed business plan. This will help you map out your business's costs and revenue potential.

Then, choosing a convenient location for your target market is essential. Also, you will need to invest in quality computer equipment and hire qualified staff.

Foodstuff Business

Everyone needs food to survive, so the foodstuff business will indeed thrive. Starting this business doesn't cost a fortune; 500k is enough.

All you need is a good space, some bowls, and tables to display the foodstuff outside the shop. Also, a good and reliable supplier is essential. So you don't end up in the hands of scammers.

Ensure that the foodstuff you are selling is of good quality. This means that it should be fresh and free of any contaminants. Moreover, you must ensure that you sell the foodstuff at a fair price. Don't overcharge or undercharge for the foodstuff you are selling.

If you keep these things in mind, you should be able to sell uncooked foodstuff in Nigeria without any problems.

Supply of Drinks

Nigeria is a land of opportunity for those in the drinks industry. There is a vast potential market for all kinds of drink products. And with 500k, you can venture into this business in Nigeria.

There are already some big players in the Nigerian drinks market, but there is still room for more people. However, if you are thinking of supplying drinks in Nigeria, you must consider the logistics of getting your products to market. You will also need to be aware of the competition and ensure your prices are competitive.

Supplying drinks in Nigeria can be very lucrative with careful planning and execution.


Nigeria is a country with a lot of potential for agricultural production. The climate is conducive to growing various crops, and a large amount of arable land is available. Nigeria also has a large population, providing a ready agricultural product market.

Starting a farm in Nigeria can be a very viable business proposition. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, it is essential to have a good business plan. This should include an analysis of the potential market for your products and a financial plan.

With the proper planning, 500k will be enough to start a small farming business. And as time goes by, it will expand.

Block Industry

The block industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria. It involves the extraction of natural resources from the ground. These resources include oil, gas, gold, diamonds, iron ore, coal, etc.

As such, starting a block industry business in Nigeria is not difficult. All you need is a good idea and a little capital. However, because you don't have much capital, you'll need to start making blocks manually.

Also, you need to find a suitable location close to new sites and with enough water. Buildings in new places always need blocks to continue their project, while you need the money; it's a win-win. However, if you choose a remote area, you must ensure that you have access to the power supply.

After considering all these, you can move forward with setting up your construction industry.

Selling of Phone Accessories

In Nigeria, mobile phones are used extensively. As such, there is a huge demand for phone accessories. To start this business, you must first identify the type of customers who buy phone accessories.

You can then target them through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Once you've done so, you can advertise on these platforms. When advertising, make sure you use eye-catching and relevant images for your product. Also, try to create content that is interesting and informative.

Cement Store

Having a cement store is an excellent business idea to venture into with 500k. Cement stores are usually located near construction sites or areas where building materials are needed. So, you can find a site where there are no cement stores and establish yours.

However, before you set up shop, you must thoroughly research the local market. Find out what other businesses are selling and how they operate. Then, you can decide whether you want to compete with them or go your own way.

Shoe Making Business

If you're looking for a business in Nigeria to start with 500k, shoe making is a suitable option. You can sell shoes online or offline and either work alone or hire workers. However, you must have learned this skill because it's not something you wake up someday to decide to start.

To start, you must consider the following:

1) What kind of footwear do you want to produce?

2) Where will you source the raw material?

3) How much will you charge for each pair of shoes?

4) Do you want to produce only men's or women's shoes?

5) Will you manufacture shoes yourself or hire someone else to do so?

6) Are you going to sell shoes online or offline?

7) Which platform will you use to sell your shoes?

8) Is there any competition in your niche?

Once you've answered these questions, you can proceed further.

Real Estate Business

The real estate business shouldn't be overlooked when looking for a business idea with low capital, as it's a lucrative business. In fact, it's one of the best options available, and there are many reasons people invest in real estate. Some include buying property as an investment, renting out properties, and even flipping houses.

As such, starting a real estate business isn't hard. The key here is finding a property that has potential. This means that you should look at the current condition of the house and its surroundings. If you see a lot of potentials, you can buy it.

Other than that, you must also know about the laws governing real estate transactions. For example, you must register your business with the government. Also, you must obtain a license from the Federal Ministry of Land Use Planning. 


A creche is a place where children can stay while their parents work. It's a great business idea with a high-profit margin if you live in a city with many working mothers. There are two types of creches: daycare centers and nannies.

Daycares provide care for children between six months to five years old. They offer activities like arts and crafts, music lessons, sports, and more. Also, nannies take care of babies and toddlers, play with kids, feed them, change diapers, and help with bath time.

You don't need a lot of money to open a creche. All you need is a room where you can keep the kids safe and a few toys. However, you'll need to pay a monthly fee to ensure that the kids get quality care.

You can find creches all over the world. However, some places require you to pass certain tests before opening a creche. So, check with the government first.

Fashion Designing

Starting a fashion designing business is easy; you just need to learn how to sew clothes. Once you master sewing, you can create different designs. However, you might wonder if 500k is enough to start this profitable business idea. Why not? All you have to do is rent a space and start with one sewing machine.

However, you must know that fashion design is a competitive industry. Therefore, you must ensure you have the right skills and knowledge. Also, you must be able to market your products effectively.

If you plan to sell your products online, you must have a website. Also, you must have a social media account. These platforms allow you to reach customers quickly. Moreover, you can advertise your products by placing flyers around your neighborhood. You can also put up posters in local shops. This way, you can attract customers who want to buy your products.

 Computer Service Center

Another business worth starting in Nigeria with 500k is opening a computer service center. This is where you offer several computer-related services like photocopying, printing, scanning, data entry, and other similar services.

However, the location is the most important thing to remember when setting up a computer service center. You must choose a busy area so that you can attract lots of clients. Also, you must have excellent internet service and ensure your prices are affordable.

In addition to running a successful business, you must have a good marketing strategy. For example, you can use flyers, banners, and billboards to promote your business. 

Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business is another profitable business idea with a low startup cost. All you need is an empty room or garage. Then, you can set up your dry cleaning business.

You will need a washer, dryer, iron, and vacuum cleaner to run a successful dry cleaning service. Also, you should have a large storage room to store your items.

To make sure people trust you, you must follow these steps:

  • Always clean your place well.

  • Make sure everything is neat.

  • Offer free delivery.

  • Have a friendly face.

  • Be honest about your rates.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Keep your prices reasonable.

  • Don't charge extra fees.

Betting Shop

Opening a betting shop is a lucrative business idea for those who love sports. It's one of the best businesses to start with small capital. All you need is a big space to display your sports paraphernalia.

Then, you can hire employees to help you manage your business. You can earn a lot of money from this business because there are many sports fans in Nigeria. They usually spend their weekends watching football matches and other sporting events.

Therefore, you can expect high demand for your products. To increase sales, you can provide discounts on selected days. Also, you can give away prizes to loyal customers.

Selling of Wigs and Attachment

A wig seller is a person who sells wigs and attachments. They have a variety of wigs and hair accessories which they sell at meager prices. Also, the wig seller does not require formal training as long as they have a basic understanding.

As a wig seller, you can sell wigs and hair accessories through various means, such as direct, door-to-door, social media, and street vending.

If you decide to become a wig seller, here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose a reputable supplier

  • Do not overcharge

  • Create attractive displays

  • Use promotional materials

  • Use social media platforms

  • Set up a website

You can also visit local markets and ask if anyone wants to buy wigs and hair accessories. If they say yes, then you can go ahead and start selling them.

Logistics Business

A logistics company provides transportation services to companies and individuals. There are different logistics companies, including air cargo, sea freight, road freight, rail freight, and trucking. Some common examples of logistics companies include FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, and others.

Starting a logistics business requires an investment, but it pays off when you get more clients. Therefore, you should be patient while starting a logistics company. Also, you should know that logistics requires experience. So, before you start a logistics company, you should first work in a similar company for at least three years.

Pet Food Store

There are many pet food stores in Nigeria. However, most of them do not offer quality pet foods. This is why you should open your pet food store.

The profit margin of a pet food store is higher than any other type of retail store. For example, dog food costs N100 per kilogram, whereas human food costs N200 per kilogram. Thus, you can make a considerable profit by selling expensive pet foods.

To run a successful pet food store, you must invest as much as 500k. Therefore, you should ensure enough funds to cover all expenses. Also, choose a location where people can easily access your store.

Retail Business

A retail business is a type of business that sells goods or services directly to consumers. The main difference between retail and wholesale businesses is that the former sells in bits. On the other hand, a wholesaler sells its products to retailers in bulk.

A retailer needs to pay taxes and must register with the government. So, they can collect sales tax from their customers. Also, to start a retail business, you must obtain a license from the relevant authorities. You can apply for this license online, which takes about two weeks.

Also, you will need to set up a physical space to display your products. Afterward, you can hire employees to help you manage your business.

Wholesale Business

A wholesale business buys products in bulk and resells them to retailers; they don't sell directly to consumers. Instead, it sells to retailers, who then sell their products to consumers. As a result, a wholesale business is less risky than a retail business because there is no risk of losing money on unsold items.

Also, a wholesale business has lower overhead costs than a retail business. However, a wholesale business requires a lot of capital to start. Moreover, you cannot use credit cards to purchase inventory.

Ice Block Business

An ice block business is a type of small business that sells ice blocks. Ice blocks are used in homes on hot days to keep water cool and prevent dehydration.

You can start an ice block business by buying ice blocks from a supplier. Then, you can sell these ice blocks to your customers. To increase your chances of business success, you should focus on building relationships with your suppliers.

Fish Farming

Fish farming is one of the easiest ways to earn extra income, as the demand for fish is high in Nigeria. This business involves raising fish in tanks. It's a great way to supplement your family's diet.

However, you should note that fish farming is highly labor-intensive. In addition, you may have to spend a lot of time cleaning the tank.

Furniture Business

To start a furniture business, you should consider starting a home furnishing shop. Furniture shops sell everything related to interior decoration, such as curtains, rugs, and bed sheets. As a result, you can expect to make more money if you own a furniture shop. However, you should know that furniture shops require many plans to succeed.

Photo Studio

Another excellent business to start in Nigeria with 500k is opening a photo studio. Photo studios offer professional photography services and digital printing services.

As a result, you can earn extra cash by selling photos to clients. Also, you can get paid commissions when you refer new clients to photo studios.

Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant business is another good idea. Restaurants provide people with food and drink and serve as meeting places where friends and families gather.

The key to running a successful restaurant is hiring experienced staff members. Also, you should ensure that your kitchen is clean and well-maintained. Further, the food you serve to customers must be delicious enough to have them coming back. Your restaurant can become a daily income business if you're consistent with your delicious meals.

Saloon Business

Starting a saloon business could be lucrative if you're skilled in hairdressing and hair care. Though you might spend less than 500k to start a saloon business, it's advisable to budget 500k for this business.

In addition, you'll need to invest in equipment like shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products. You can also buy chairs, tables, and other furniture to decorate your salon. To promote your saloon business, you can advertise through social media platforms or newspapers.


A bookshop is a store that sells books, which is common in cities and towns across Nigeria. If you want to open a bookshop, you should first identify where you will set up your shop. Next, you should find out what books your target audience would like to read. Finally, you should decide how much space you will allocate for each type of book.

Pawn Shop

If you're interested in starting a pawn shop, you should determine whether there is sufficient demand for this business. Pawn shops are popular among Nigerians because they allow people who don't have access to credit to borrow money at low-interest rates.

You can use the profits generated from your pawn shop to expand your business. For example, you can hire employees to help run your shop. Also, you can purchase items on credit to resell later.

Jewelry Store

Opening a jewelry store is an excellent way to start a business in Nigeria. Jewelry stores sell gold, silver, and diamond jewelry.

To start a jewelry store, you should first determine the location of your store. Then, you should research the market demand for jewelry. Afterward, choose the best types of jewelry to sell. And create a marketing plan to attract potential customers.

Catering Business

Starting a catering business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria to start with 500k. Catering businesses prepare and deliver food to restaurants, hotels, schools, churches, and other institutions. To start a catering business, you should first determine whether there is sufficient interest in catering services. If so, you should identify the locations where you will cater and invest in equipment.

Afterward, you should develop recipes for different dishes and source ingredients for these recipes. Then, establish a delivery service to transport prepared foods to customers.

Fitness Center

Starting a fitness center is another great business idea when you have 500k. Fitness centers offer various health and wellness programs to their clients. Usually, they provide free consultations and advice about healthy eating habits and exercise routines.

To start a fitness center, you should first identify where to set up a gym. Then, you should look into the cost of renting a place and buying equipment. Lastly, hire trainers and staff members to manage your gym.

Gift Store

Starting a gift store is a good business idea if you have 500k. Gift stores sell gifts such as clothing, accessories, home goods, and electronics. They usually operate during holidays and special occasions.

To start a gift store, you should first identify the types of gifts your target audience wants to receive. Then, you should select a location for your store. Next, you should determine how much inventory you need to stock. Finally, you should advertise your new business by creating flyers or brochures.

Pet Grooming Salon

Starting a pet grooming salon is a lucrative business idea if you have as enough as 500k. Pet grooming salons groom pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals.

To start a pet grooming salon, you should first identify whether there is sufficient demand in the Nigerian market for pet grooming services. Then, you should find a suitable location for your salon. You should also buy supplies like shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs, and scissors.

Wine Store

Starting a wine store is a great business idea if you have enough money to invest. Wine stores sell alcoholic beverages such as beer, spirits, and cider. Though opening a wine store is not as easy as it sounds, it can be advantageous.

To start a wine store, you should first decide on the type of wine you want to sell. Then, you should identify the location of your store and purchase the necessary equipment. Also, you should train employees to serve customers right.

Tutorial Center

Starting a tutorial center is an excellent business idea if you are passionate about teaching others. Tutorial centers teach people how to cook, sew, paint, dance, and play musical instruments.

To start a tutorial center, you should determine what skills you want to teach. Then, choose a location for your center and acquire the materials needed to teach classes. However, you must be sure of your skills before starting this business.

Palm Oil Business

Palm oil has many uses, making it a highly lucrative business in Nigeria. We can make soap, cosmetics, candles, soaps, and other household products from palm oil. Palm oil is used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and even fuel.

To start a palm oil business, you should first identify which part of the country will yield the best results. Then, research the best price per kilogram of palm oil and the different ways to process palm oil. After that, find out the costs associated with each method and develop a marketing strategy to promote your product.


With 500k Naira, you can venture into blogging. Blogging is a way of sharing information through written posts. It is one of the most popular forms of online communication today.

You can blog about anything you want. The only requirement is that you have something interesting to say. If you do not know how to write, you can hire someone who does.

Motorcycle Riding

If you love riding motorcycles, starting a motorcycle riding business is ideal. Motorcycles are fast, fun to ride, affordable, and easy to maintain. Though bikes are expensive, some programs allow installment payment of your bike.

To start a motorcycle riding business, you should first find a place with a high bike demand. Most remote areas find it hard to get to the main street due to lack of transport. It could be a big deal to start your commercial motorcycle business there.

After finding a suitable location, you should get insurance and license plates for your vehicle. Another great thing about this business is that you don't need to print flyers to advertise your services; they'll come to you if you're at the right place.


Starting a gardening business is another good business option to start in Nigeria with 500k. If you enjoy working outdoors, the gardening business is the way to go! Gardening businesses offer their clients fresh vegetables and fruits.

To start a gardening business, you should first locate a garden plot. Then, you should prepare the soil and plant seeds. Once the plants grow, you can harvest the plants and sell them at local markets or restaurants.

Football Viewing Center

Starting a football viewing center is a great business idea. Football viewing centers provide fans with live sports events and charge a fee to watch games. You must get the necessary equipment and licenses to start a thriving viewing center. The kit includes a TV, projector, speakers, and a sound system. 

Also, it's essential to promote your business to attract customers. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to reach more people. When customers start flooding your center, it's best to remain consistent with keeping your customers for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum capital required to start a business?

It varies based on the type of business you plan to run. For example, if you plan to open a restaurant, you might require as little as 500k. On the other hand, if you plan to start an internet-based business, you may need up to 300k.

2. How many employees do I need to start a business? How much salary am I going to pay them?

It all depends on the size of your business. A small business usually requires 1 employee, while large businesses often employ several staff members. Salary also differs from one industry to another. 

3. Is it possible to start a business without any experience?

Yes, but it will take longer than if you had some experience. Starting a business takes lots of effort and dedication. Therefore, it's advisable to have some experience before starting a new venture.

4. Are there any taxes involved when starting a business?

Yes, taxes are always involved when starting a business. Taxes include income tax, sales tax, VAT, etc. Depending on where you operate, you may have to pay different taxes.

Do I need a permit to start a business? What is the process?

Yes, you need a permit to start most types of businesses. However, there are exceptions, such as food trucks, street vendors, and mobile phone shops. You must fill out an application form and pay a processing fee to obtain a permit. It usually takes 3 - 5 days to receive the permit.


500k might seem like it can do a lot for you, but you might end up squandering the money without proper planning. We hope this article helps you choose a business and invest your 500k capital wisely. Have we left anything out? Let us know in the comments section below.


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