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How to make money online in Nigeria - Top 14 online businesses


Nigeria online business that pays

Are you wondering what is the best legit online business that pays daily in Nigeria? Then you are in the right spot. In this post, we will be looking at the14 best online hustles that legit guarantee your passive income on daily basis. But like every business, nothing good happens overnight and even though most of the undermentioned business ideas are easy and cheap to set up, they still need some level of commitment and effort. So let's get into them one after the other;

How to make money online in Nigeria - Top 14 online businesses

Ways to make money online

Whatsapp TV

If you are looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria while catching fun at the same time, then WhatsApp TV is a top and easy business you should consider. For those wondering what is WhatsApp tv or how to create one, WhatsApp tv is basically a WhatsApp account for creating content on your WhatsApp status, gather followers through broadcast and referral, grow your engagements and monetize your followership on WhatsApp.

With a WhatsApp contact of 2k and active engagement of 1k+ views per post, then you are on your way to making steady and daily passive income by reaching out to businesses for sponsored adverts. Remember that you need to keep your WhatsApp page updated on issues as they break, make people depend on your WhatsApp status for fun and entertainment, be interactive with your contacts, and personally tell them to refer you to their friends. That is how you continuously grow a WhatsApp TV.

Twitter influencer

Due to the larger audience and openness, Twitter influencers make more money than WhatsApp TVs but being an influencer on Twitter requires more intelligence, content creativity, timeliness with trends, and collaboration/promotion with other successful influencers on Twitter. Even though more money is made on Twitter, more work and commitment are also required, and like the saying goes, Twitter is not for the light heart because any minor or major mistake can put you in a positive of “severe dragging”.

On average, successful Twitter influencers charge 100k - 500k per sponsored post or advert while video content creators charge more especially a celebrity influencer. So if you are looking to start a Twitter page as a business, don’t with the mindset of having fun and building engagement because the first few months might not be encouraging if you start with a “money-making mindset”.

Tiktok influencer

Tiktok is a new cash cow that most Nigerian youths are hopping on basically because of the ease of growth. Unlike Instagram where it's hard to get exposure for a new page except through adverts, TikTok has a friendly algorithm that gives every content creator a fair chance of content ranking by suggesting newly created content to relevant viewers and potential followers.

Growing a thousand followers is easier on TikTok than on any other platform. The only flaw TikTok has is that only video content is allowed, text and images are not accepted on the platform but nevertheless, a camera-shy person can still harness the power of TikTok to create an online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

All you need to do is to copy and reupload videos from other sources preferably outside of TikTok. Free videos can be copied from youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and can be edited for you to reuse and upload on your TikTok page. As your page grows businesses will bring you deals for adverts depending on the relevance of your TikTok niche to the business. You can either choose the general TikTok niches where you post random stuff or you can make it a pet niche, car niche, food niche, home appliances niche, product review niche, comedy niche, fashion, and so on. 

Instagram influencer

Instagram is strictly for the talented and creative creators because there are already popular news and entertainment pages on the gram such as instablog, yabaleft, worldstar, Tunde edunut, krakstv, pulse, and others. For you to beat the crowd and stay ahead is by creating your own niche and doing something unique with your talent. It's not necessarily you dive into entertainment, comedy skit, or dance. If you are good at a subject matter, your can make your Instagram page exclusively for discussion/update about that topic all you need is consistency, a little bit of marketing and occasionally tagging big names in your post, and hope to get reposted one day.

One good thing about Instagram's online business is that if you are lucky to be reposted by one of the popular Nigerian influencers on the platform like Tunde edunut, your chance of being popular and gaining more audience is 10x higher. Not to forget that Instagram ads are still the most expensive hence profitable for content creators as popular Instagram influencers charge up to a million for just one sponsored post.

Copywriting Business online

If you like to write about stuff and looking to make money off your skill/passion, then you should consider marketing your copywriting skill. Whether you are only good at a particular topic or can write about almost anything, go online and advertise yourself on websites like Fiverr, LinkedIn, copywriting Facebook groups, bloggers groups on Facebook, and relevant nairaland threads. As a copywriter, you could be making a thousand-5k nairas daily in passive income in Nigeria depending on how good you are and the quality of buyer you can get online.

Most copywriters often charge per word or per thousand articles but the keys to being a successful copywriter are to provide quality content, make efforts to keep your customers by offering them good rates and avoid disappointing your buyers.

Domain flipping Business

Domain flipping requires almost zero physical effort, highly profitable but however requires some monetary input. Selling domain online is borderless and can be done easily even in Nigeria and the interesting thing about the business is that you don't need a laptop or special skill, all you need is your phone with internet access and your debit card for payment.

Domain flipping business essentially means that you buy a website domain name and resell it at a higher value than you bought it. Now let's talk about how to make money selling domain names online. First, you need to register an account with a domain registrar either GoDaddy or Namecheap these are the two best and popular registrars online at the moment. The next thing is to brainstorm or research a good domain name to register which I have explained in detail here. Then you head back to your registrar and buy the domain name.

The last step is to list the domain name for sale on different platforms like the ones I listed here. It's important that you evaluate the value of your domain name by using the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool or estibot. This will guide you from overpricing or underpricing your domain name.

Crypto vendor

To put into perspective crypto vendor is different from a crypto daytrader or crypto investor. Crypto vendors are just pure business people who buy crypto at a relatively low price from the current market value and then resell at a relatively higher price for profit. Crypto vendors don't care about the market crashes or price movements simply because they don't hold or keep the coins they buy, they just flip it for cash immediately you sell to them.

Crypto vendors are lowkey a smooth businesses if you are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria, not only does the online business pays daily but it can be done from your comfort zone without upfront expenses or startup capital.

So how do you make money online in Nigeria with a crypto vendor business? First, you need to create a little graphic poster to advertise ur business stating that you buy cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and usdt at the best rate and that your payment is instant. Do this advert on popular forums like nairaland, on Facebook, your WhatsApp status, and Instagram to gain prospects. 

With time and dedication to the business, you will start getting sales leads and for the first deal,  its advisabe to offer them good rate that they can’t refused. This will help you build trust and customer loyalty to you and once you confirm the coins in your wallet, make sure you sell off immediately, remove your gain and credit the seller. Dont be greedy with rate , there are occassions where you will be forced to make just 2 naira gain per usd but you have to endure and make the sacrifice to build your customer base and once you become a popular vendor, you will be making hundreds of naira on each transaction. Crypto vendorship is not a get rich quick business but in then long run, it can make you a millionaire. 

App referrals

Referring people to download or register on a website is a passive income side hustle that can help you make money online as well. But when doing this as a side hustle in nigeria, its better to specialize on local online businessese instead of foeign referall programs. In other words you should only participate in nigerian referral programs due to the ease of payment/withdrawal and how easy it is to get people to sign up using your referall url or code.

Here are a few of the legit paying referral apps that can make you money in Nigeria:

Abeg app

Carbon app

Fairmoney app


Palmpay app

Binance app

Roquo app

Kucoin app

FCMB mobile app

Whatsapp commission marketing

You can make money online in Nigeria doing almost anything monetizable as long as it's legit and even being jobless and using WhatsApp all day long could be another source of income for the smart ones. All you have to do is reach out to merchants and offer to market their items on your WhatsApp status in exchange for sales commission. 


Facebook group business

There are two was you can make money online using facebook group, first is by building  a large group with minimum of 2000 active member after which you can open up sales of advertisement on your facebook page. You get paid each time someone uses your page to promote an advert for their business.

The second way you can earn money online in nigeria is by creating a page with a large number of active members and then sell off the facebook page for a premium price. You can easily get buyers on nairaland forum and twitter.

Marketing on Jiji

Selling used items on Jiji is one of my favourite methods of making money online in Nigeria, Jiji has over 6 million visitors every months which we can capitalize on to sell used items in any category. Another items you can sell on jiji is car, you dont need to be a car dealer for you to do this, all you need is to meet up with dealers and ask to help them market their stuffs. Ask the dealers for the final price and then include your own gain when listing the car on Jiji

Reselling aliexpress products on jiji and instagram

Basically what we will be doing is to source for items with high demand on aliexpress app and then buy those items in bulk of “10” at a cheaper price. For this, you need to contact the seller and request for a bulk discount. After the seller agrees to your request, the next is to make payment and wait for delivery which usually takes 21 - 37 days to arrive.

Next is to request graphic pictures and videos of the items from the seller and then use them to advertise your stuffs on jijji and instagram and jiji. I recommend using premium advert to resell the items for quick sales. This is a smart way to make money online in nigeria from the comfort of your home.

Online real estate agents

This is another commission based money making business in nigeria that pays. You can make 10k- 500k nairas from just one successful real estate deal, all it takes is your ability to generate leads, cold call your prospect and persuade them with good offers. 

To start real estate business in nigeria have to network with other real estate agents this will enable you to have access to available properties outside ur reach that are under their own supervision. Some real estate agents make more money than the average civil servant in nigeria.

Digital marketing business

Digital marketing is at the top of my list because its the most profitable online business to make money anywhere in nigeria. One major requirement is for you to have an indepth knowledge of about facebook marketing and google adwords. Having a laptop is an added advantage and bysourcing for potential clients online, you could be making millions monthly from being a digital marketing consultant for companies, schools, agencies, businesses, and even political parties.

My top three methods of sourcing quality clients is one, by creating and optimizing a professional linkedin account preferably a premium account and then advertising your service there. The second method is to make use of freelancing markets like upwork, guru, fiverr and people per hour.

The third method is by reaching out to local businesses via their contact page and offering your service to them. If you plan on using this method, then you should present them a portfolio of your previous works so that you will stand a higher chance of getting response from the agencies.


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