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5 Effective Offline Marketing Ideas For Restaurants | Examples

Opening a restaurant is one of the lucrative businesses out there, especially if your business is situated in a less competitive environment. People are not machines and they can not do without eating food, based on this, we can compare the lucrativeness of restaurant business with that of a healthcare provider.
offline marketing ideas strategies restaurants examples

Revenue and building up of the restaurant are the peripheral aspects of a food business. The most important aspect of it is to convert visitors to customers. There are numerous factors to be considered when trying to convert a first-timer to a regular, but first, try to get them through your door. 

Doing sales promotion for your restaurant doesn't necessarily require hiring marketing agencies to do the work for you. You as the entrepreneur is the soul of your business, your attitude, the conduciveness of your restaurant ,and the human relationship with visitors is what will bring them back and convert them to Regular customers

How do you attract customers to a new restaurant?

Keep in mind that the best form of advertisement is the one people hear directly from the mouth of others. Before the sales promotion and other business tactics, you need to ensure that the following questions have been answered correctly:

1. Is your restaurant well maintained and arranged? Menus, buildings, furniture and so on.

2. Are your workers well trained and polite such that your prospects would like to return after interacting with them?

3. Are there managers on the floor to ensure that issues are properly resolved before they escalate?

4. Is the place designed to maximize profit alone? Or to also ensure customers' satisfaction?

5. Are there any spoilers within your premises that can give a bad impression about your restaurant?

After all of these conditions must have been met successfully, then you can go ahead with the promotion ideas for driving more buyers to your business. Here are a few sales techniques to help you attract more buy customers to your new restaurant...
offline marketing restaurants examples


Offline marketing ideas for restaurants



One spectacular thing that will make your business unique from that of other competitors is your business brand. Your brand consists of the name, signboard, logo or badge, the insignia, the type of color combination that you used in painting your restaurant and so on. Just as every household in the TV series "Game of Thrones" is marked by an iconic sigil of animal, a restaurant should also have a brand that will be peculiar to the business and also serve as an identifier that will be easy to remember.


Extensive marketing is necessary for new businesses. Creating an incentive will help your business to fill the unmet gaps that have been ignored by your competitors. Incentives can be done in different ways, for instance, there is a restaurant where I usually take my lunch not just because of the delicious meals they have there but because of the Artworks that are inside the restaurant. Other art freaks like me would prefer to have their lunch in this type of setting. Invariably, the art piece is what entices me and few other people to stay glued to the restaurant.


Present your menu in a way that will be catchy and appealing to attract new customers. A piece of vanilla chocolate can be sold in over 100 food joints. However, if you brand yours as " Bob's chocolate cake with Nordic frosting ", it would draw the attention of your customers to the brand name and make many food lovers curious of what your cake tastes like. Another importance of branding is the uniqueness it gives your business, therefore branding can be viewed as a filter in a market full of noises


One of the things that frustrate most customers is having to wait for food or coffee when they arrive. Reduce wait time by introducing "Order-ahead features", this will ensure that staffs have the orders ready.


Whichever advertising strategy you choose to follow, always remembers that mouth-to-mouth advertisement is the best way to make people aware of your business. The secret is creating a kind of relationship between you and your customers. People value direct information from family, friends, and neighbors more than reading it online.

-Never underrate the power of social media, promote your restaurant locally via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep your customers engaged.

-Let nobody leave empty-handed, create coupons of " 1 free dessert if you bring a friend ".

Attracting more customers to your restaurant can be a daunting task, but if you follow the aforementioned offline sales strategies accordingly, you will see improvements. Don't forget to share this piece via your social media handles.


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