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Search engine optimization SEO is one of the daunting tasks for an online platform, not because the process is a difficult one but because of the competition attached to marketing your business on search engines front page and the fact that SEO is a continuous process that never seems to end even after getting your business ranked on google's page one results. 

cheap SEO packages

Why do you need cheap SEO packages for your small business


The idea of optimizing your small business for search engine visibility requires an in-depth analysis of the industry that you are aiming at as well as building online authority and trust flow. No matter how small a business idea is, as long as it has been established online via google, bing, or even Yandex, the work of search optimization cannot be overlooked. 

That is why most online ventures give search engine visibility work to SEO agencies to handle the task and boost the online presence of their small or large-scale business.
seo packages for small business
Most of these SEO agencies charge quite well for their services and as a small business owner, the budget for SEO works might be limited, therefore you would want to settle for a cheap SEO company. But before you sign up for any SEO company whether cheap or expensive, you must know how SEO companies work. 

How SEO agencies work 

Some operate their services on a contractual basis whereby if u can no longer continue with them, or if you decide to switch to another SEO company, you may end up losing your search engine rankings and possibly get penalized by the search engines for malicious activities.
small bussiness cheap seo pckages
On the other hand, some unpopular SEO companies do not operate on a contractual basis, they let you make the choice that is best for your business, in accordance with your budget and even though these unpopular agencies have relative cheap SEO services, they provide cost-effective SEO outcome that you would probably get from using a popular and expensive agency. One of those noncontractual SEO companies that offer cheap SEO services that are budget-friendly for small businesses is Elevator-digital

About Elevator digital SEO company

Elevator digital is developed by a team of digital marketing experts based in the U.K. They claim to be dedicated to businesses that may be on a budget to ensure that they are visible in search engines by giving the best SEO services at an affordable price.

Elevator digital pricing

Elevator digital offers 30days free SEO pack to first-timers after which you pay a subsequent payment of either £29 monthly, £49 monthly, or £99£ monthly. Click here for more details on the packages that are included in the prices

Pros of elevator digital SEO

 Each of the pricing packages includes full access to elevator digital suite which consists of the following

Keywords and Ranking Tools

• Keyword position checker
• Keyword density checker
• Google index checker
• website links count checker

Hosting And Domain Tools

• www redirect checker
• Server status checker
• Domain hosting checker

Backlink And Reputation Tools

• Backlink Checker
• Blacklist lookup
• Broken link finder
• Link analyzer

Content And On-site Tools

• Duplicate content checker
• Robots.txt generator
• Page size checker
• Google cache checker

Advanced/developer tools

• Meta Tag generator
• Meta tags analyzer
• XML sitemap generator
• My IP address

Cons of Elevator digital SEO

- No project manager
- No customer service live chat
- It's a new SEO company

To get cheap SEO services for your small business form Elevator digital, click here to sign up
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