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Profitable business in Nigeria - 11 Most Profitable Nigerian businesses

  Businesses that are highly profitable in Nigeria It is one thing to have money to invest in a business and it is another thing to have good business ideas that are ideal for your capital and like most people, coming up with viable ideas that are profitable can be sometimes exhausting or vague. To clear one’s mind of this indecisiveness, it is recommended to either do market research of various business niches or seek the opinions of other people with caution and clarity.  The writer of this article is not a business expert but just like you, the writer is also a curious business person who finds pleasure in researching feasible and highly demanding business ideas that still work in Nigeria and that is how I have been able to come up with this eleven business ideas which I think to a large extent are very profitable and sustainable in the long run.  Aside from explaining why I think the undermentioned businesses are profitable in Nigeria, I will not be writing deep on how to set up e

mutual funds and Index funds investment - what you need to know

Warren Buffet once stated in an interview on CNBC that the average investor will get a better return on their investment by investing in an index fund versus using a professional fund manager. This is primarily because, after transaction costs and fees, actively managed funds simply can't match the performance of the average index fund. 95% of funds with winning 3-year records failed to beat the S&P 500 Index the following 3 years - Ryan Poirier, S&P Dow Jones Senior Analyst The average compensation of a portfolio manager is right around $300,000 while portfolio managers at top-performing hedge funds can earn close to eight figures according to a recent study. Managers at actively managed funds have staff that research and select stocks of companies they believe will outperform the market in the weeks and months ahead. The buying and selling of investments cost the fund money in the form of commissions and transaction fees, something that an index fund avoids by buying and