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Insurance Companies in Nigeria

  Insurance is a vital part of our lives, as unforeseen circumstances every time, making the insurance industry multiply over the past few years, with many new players entering the market. This growth links to people becoming more aware of their consumer rights; they want to protect themselves from financial loss. Also, this might not have been possible without the insurance companies in Nigeria . So, in this blog post, we'll discuss some of these companies. However, let us delve into insurance and its types. What is Insurance? Insurance is an agreement between two parties: the Insured (the person who buys the policy) and the insurer (the company which sells the policy). It is a contract where one party agrees to pay money or provide goods or services if something terrible happens to the other party. In return, the insured party gets protection against losses from the insurance industry. These events include death, disability, damage to property, etc. Types Of Insurance There are

What Business Can I Start With 5k in Nigeria?

  Starting a new business is exciting; the possibilities are endless. However, not everyone in the country has the financial capability to start one. This inability alone can discourage someone with the best of dreams; as they say, 'we can only use the money to make money.' Do you have a business idea but have little capital - as little as just 5K? Don't worry! You can always start small, and I know you might wonder, 'What Business Can I Start With 5K in Nigeria?' Nigeria's population is over 200 million, making it the sixth largest African country. So, there are enough people to market your business to, no matter how small you start. You can do businesses ranging from selling pure water, ice cream, recharge card selling, and many more. This article will take you down the lane of several businesses to start with 5K in Nigeria. I'm sure you would have decided on one business before reading through. So, follow along!   Drinks and Pure Water Selling You don&#