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What Business Can I Start With 5k in Nigeria?

  Starting a new business is exciting; the possibilities are endless. However, not everyone in the country has the financial capability to start one. This inability alone can discourage someone with the best of dreams; as they say, 'we can only use the money to make money.' Do you have a business idea but have little capital - as little as just 5K? Don't worry! You can always start small, and I know you might wonder, 'What Business Can I Start With 5K in Nigeria?' Nigeria's population is over 200 million, making it the sixth largest African country. So, there are enough people to market your business to, no matter how small you start. You can do businesses ranging from selling pure water, ice cream, recharge card selling, and many more. This article will take you down the lane of several businesses to start with 5K in Nigeria. I'm sure you would have decided on one business before reading through. So, follow along!   Drinks and Pure Water Selling You don&#

Distributorship Business in Nigeria

Distributorships are businesses selling goods or services directly from producers to consumers without going through intermediaries. In Nigeria, distributorships are common because they allow companies to bypass expensive import duties and other taxes. Here, we'll discuss everything there is to know about the distributorship business in Nigeria. Nigeria has a large manufacturing sector, accounting for over 50% of its GDP. The country also imports many raw materials, such as oil and steel, which makes it vulnerable to fluctuations in global prices. "A distributor is someone who buys products at wholesale prices and sells them at retail prices," says Olayinka Ogunseye, CEO of Eko Distribution. "It's a win-win situation for both parties." So, if you're interested in being a distributor in Nigeria, follow along! How to Become a Distributor in Nigeria Choose a Niche The first step in starting up your distributorship business in Nigeria is deciding on a nich

Most In-Demand Jobs in Nigeria

  Are you about to gain admission into the university and wondering what course to take to get a great job in Nigeria? The country has a high unemployment rate in Africa. So, it's essential to know the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria before acquiring a skill. According to the World Bank, Nigeria ranks sixth in total population. In addition, its economy grew 4 percent last year, compared to its 2.3 percent growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria has several industries that require skilled workers. For example, the oil and gas sector employs over 3 million Nigerians. Other sectors include banking, insurance, telecommunications, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, and transportation. Most In-Demand Jobs in Nigeria Engineering Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in Nigeria today. With the growing population, rapid urbanization, and increasing demand for basic amenities, there is no shortage of work opportunities. A wide range of engineering jobs is availab