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Profitable home based business ideas in Nigeria

Profitable home based business ideas in Nigeria

Profitable home business ideas in Nigeria

In Nigeria, starting a business has grown so common and in demand that even students are already preparing to dominate the industry. Everyone is interested in beginning their business due to Nigeria’s high unemployment rate and lack of job opportunities.

Here are various profitable business you can start from the comfort of your home:

         Freelance Writing

In Nigeria nowadays, there are a ton of freelance writing opportunities. For different writing jobs, numerous people are searching for someone who can write well and creatively. This advantage is that you may work remotely and get your money; no workplace is required; all you need is a telephone number and your social networking accounts.

You can even get work from abroad if you sign up with internet platforms for independent contractors. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you can look for research articles to serve as a guide.

         Online Marketing

The marketing industry has evolved and moved online. Organizations are searching for marketing professionals to spread the word about their goods or services. You might be on your road to success and financial independence as a digital marketer.


People have become billionaires because of this profitable industry. With this business, you can work from home at your convenience and without needing an office. Pick a topic, become passionate about it, purchase a laptop or computer, and start to operate.


Photography is a very good business you can do from home. Several individuals may assume that having a photo studio and numerous cameras is necessary to be a photographer. Still, in reality, you only need a camera and some editing tools to get started.

         Creation and Customization of Shirts

Another successful enterprise you may launch from your Nigerian home is this one. There are articles on our website that explain how to conduct this company. You can successfully launch your own shirt business if you adhere to them strictly.

         Fashion designing

Although we frequently see tailors in their stores or workplaces, most of them began in their accommodations. Using your knowledge of tailoring, a sewing machine, and some supplies, you may launch your own business from the comfort of your home.

         Sales of Snacks

Many Nigerians enjoy snacking while they are famished. The inability to cook a great dinner or the hectic working routine, among other factors, are the main causes of this.

Snacks are popular because they are fast and can keep people full until they can access actual food. You can start a business producing snacks from residence and selling them online or to stores. You will receive consistent daily business if you are excellent at your work.

         Graphics Design.

Suppose you were unaware you could work from home as a graphic designer. You are informed now. You can be one without having to lease a storefront or workplace. Promote yourself through sentences and any accessible social media networks in your area, and you will eventually attract customers.

         Child Daycare

Almost all working women find it difficult to find time to worry about their young children. They choose daycare facilities to care for their children while they are at job roles and pick them up after duty. Therefore, you might take this up and generate more revenue if you have a warm home and a passion for children.


Tutoring students is a fantastic additional at-home income opportunity. Select your specialty and market yourself to the community around you. Young people preparing for the Jamb examinations or upper secondary and elementary school pupils struggle with certain topics, including English literature, math, and biology. You might open a business from home and earn money if you are skilled in any of them.

         Point of Sale business

Individuals prefer online payment solutions because of how hectic banks are today, making transactions and payments simpler for them.

         Creating beads

Our women adore wearing necklaces of beads. If skilled at creating this lovely jewelry, you might begin from home and market to neighbors. What you need are the ability and the necessary tools.

         Growing snails

A farming venture that won’t charge you much but will yield lucrative rewards is the raising of snails. You can use that garden area to raise your snails, which you can then sell after a year to earn a sizable profit.

 Selling popcorn

Have you observed how individuals now buy popcorn? It is becoming more popular, and doing it from home with the appropriate materials will benefit you when your product enters the market.

         Cleaning Services for Homes

This industry is particularly flourishing in Lagos. Individuals with homes need cleaning up but don’t have the opportunity to hire cleaners. Cleaning houses can be a lucrative first job; some people charge #5,000 for each house for a day. Consider being capable of cleaning three homes in a single day, earning $15,000—a respectable wage for a day’s labor.

         Pedicure and manicuring

You don’t need a salon to begin providing manicure and pedicure services if you are skilled at them. You could even start offering residential services, which would give you a chance to tack on a premium for the services.

         Social media Manager

All company, brand, and public person requires social media in the modern era to interact with their customers, keep current, and reach a wider audience.

         Domestic service Barber

The best technique for any man to look decent and appealing today is to have a haircut. Many men now sit and wait for their haircuts at barbershops. If your talents are strong, you may provide services at home to those ready to pay, and you could build a solid clientele to get a POS device and start processing payments and transactions for your customers locally online.

         Making Cakes

Individuals utilize cakes for all types of little gatherings and celebrations. Somebody celebrates a birthday day after day. You can take advantage of this chance to learn how to bake and start a cake business from home; all you need is an oven, some materials, and a way for potential customers to get in touch with you.

         Recharge Card Enterprise

Numerous people nearby need recharge cards for data subscriptions and calls; thus, selling them has been a common business conducted from the comfort of homes. You can begin this from your home and even offer virtual top-up services.

         Making cards

People are sending their dear ones congratulations and well regards with greeting cards. If you have creative and artistic talent, you may create a company selling to people in need out of your cards.

         Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, a form of product placement, enables you to get paid by businesses in exchange for promoting their products and services. Even though it could seem a little dubious, if you genuinely want your prospective customers to purchase these items, it won’t come across as pushy or fake. Most readers will value your advice if it is genuine and realize that you must generate money in some way.

And it appears that many businesses pay fairly heavily for staff to maintain their social media accounts effectively. You may be a terrific social media manager if you stay committed to your brand, publish content correctly, and respond to customers intelligibly – all while garnering many priceless likes, comments, and retweets.

         Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant can be the best home new project for you are a coordinated individual. You step in when busy executives achieve a state in their professions where they cannot handle all the messages, emails, meetings, and other little duties on their platters. As a virtual assistant, you would manage their online schedules, plan meetings and engagements, book ahead, buy tickets, establish reminders, coordinate gatherings, file documents, and more using your smartphone, email, computer literacy, and a variety of online devices and techniques.


Numerous individuals think about running a home-based business. The method is much simpler than you may imagine, which is positive. You might be able to start your own home business if you’re already operating or freelancing from home and have marketable abilities.


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