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How To Make More Money As a Game Maker | Free Game Builder

Monday, October 14, 2019
Having just one income stream could be lively and less challenging, but that isn't a smart choice for someone who wants to achieve financial security and probably live life in their terms. You don't have to save for the rainy day, what you should do is to invest against the rainy day and that's exactly what side hustle is meant for. There are various types of side hustles to make passive income online, making games happens to be one of the most profitable ones owing to the growing number of mobile phone users and game players. 

how to make more money Game maker

What is a side hustle?

Colloquially, a side hustle could be legal or illegal, therefore it has no precise definition. It's just a concept used by money seekers to describe a secondary work performed in supplementary to their primary or official work. Based on this, it can be said that there is no generally accepted definition of the concept "side hustle". 

 make more money

So if you are already into a job that doesn't pay you well or help you meet your desired financial standards, here is a working side hustle plan that you can do to make more money and possibly turn it from a side hustle work to a real hustle.

Game programming and Game making

If you are not a programmer, you don't need to skip this part because you don't necessarily need any programming skills to use this option as a side hustle.

Let me give you an instance of an entrepreneur "Trey Smith" founder of Buildbox. He hired a developer (who happens to be the current CTO of Buildbox) and started working on a new game. His idea was simple and strategic, all he did was to look for a competitor's game, find the unmet gaps in that competitor's game and improve his own newly made game upon that of her competitors. A few months later he came up with a game called Jump Pack which cost Trey Smith $5000 investment in total but eventually converted to $120,000 return on investment within a short time. Trey Smith's side hustle became a real hustle with over 60,000,000 downloads and now, Buildbox is worth over $16,000,000.

But I don't have enough startup capital to hire a programmer, how do I still make money by building a mobile game?


Don't worry there are other free and cheap drag and drop software to build games without prior programming knowledge which will be covered before the end of this post.

How do I build games easily?


#METHOD 1: Hiring a freelance programmer

game maker

It's simple, just sign up with any freelancing network or website, post your offering, and request for a good programmer who is good at making games or you can just go to the search box and search for game programmers, scroll through the results and find the one that goes with your budget. 

make more money

game maker

Negotiate and agree on a price, however, its is important you know that after the game must have been made, you may still need to spend little bucks on advertising and proper SEO, but keep it in mind that after the initial spending, and you start getting downloads, you won't have to do any major spending again unless you wish to upgrade the games. 

Even if you are required to do some upgrades, you would have started earning a good amount of money from the game software that will be enough to maintain its standards on the app stores.

Where can I get a good programmer?

There are many outsourcing sites online where you can get good freelancers to do your programming works. However, it is not advisable to engage with programmers that you met on a community forum or through social media. The best places to get proficient games and software programmers are

How much will it cost to hire a programmer?
Well, it all depends on the type of game you want, the type of programmer you are dealing with, and your ability to negotiate well as an investor. But game programming could cost between the range of $15 to $10,000

#METHOD 2: Building your game with drag and drop tools


There are various game maker tools available for online and offline use that you can use to build your game without serious technical effort. This is a suitable choice for non-programmers, all you have to do is watch youtube tutorials on how to master functionalities of the game maker software. Here is a list of great game builder apps:

  • Construct          Starting from less than $7/month with a free trial
  • GameMaker Studio  Free to use with premium game templates 
  • COCOS            Open source i.e free to use
  • Godotengine        Open source i.e free to use
  • STENCYL         Free version for mobile games and paid version for pc games
  • BuildBox           Starting from $90/Year


how to make more money as a Game maker

make more money

Monetizing a game


Basically, there are three ways in which you can monetize mobile games. First is by placing ads on the game by registering as a publisher with ads companies like Google Admob,, Infolinks, etc. The second method is by doing a premium version of the game that won't contain any form of ads but will require the game users to pay for downloads. The third method is to flip the game buy listing it for sale in sites like flippa where you can get bidders to buy it for a price that is profitable to you. Whichever way you choose will surely pay off in the long run.

In conclusion, before you engage in any kind of side hustle, make sure that you understand the dynamics of the hustle and to do a market assessment of what genre of games people are currently interested in. Failure to do this might get you spending more than you should spend and you may end up giving up the side hustle for something else after losing your investment. Sharing is caring, Don't forget to click the share button if you enjoyed reading this article.

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